Spirituality in Media

I believe the message of Truth is encoded in many places. The wide-spread message of Universal Truth and Beauty and the Human Struggle can be found in Movies, Music, Literature, Nursery Rhymes, Holy Texts, Poetry, Fables, Stories etc. When we start to see the message clearly, it becomes more evident in more places, it is always the same message. Joseph Campbell, famed Mythologist spoke of the Hero’s Journey, this is the journey each of us must take to find fulfillment and abundance.  I have seen the Hero’s Journey played out in a thousand ways since the first time I learned to recognize it. Here, as I find the time, or discover new ones, I plan to share with you what I have found.

Music is in my soul and therefore, I have given musical references its own page, which you can find here. Additionally, if you prefer a more traditional self-help approach, as I blog book reviews about my favorite personal development books, you can find theses posts here.

Nursery Rhymes

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary


Spiritual lessons in the Wizard of Oz

Other Stories and Fables

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