The Landscape of your mind



Picture your mind… as the vast ocean, each thought.. a current that determines the tide.

Do you lull yourself to sleep at night like a lullaby lapping gently at the sandy shores of your sleep or does your mind rumble with undercurrents, tossing and turning below the surface?

Do the shores of your mind invite tranquility, with glassy-serene calm? Or do they rumble with dark clouds and thunder, brooding, threatening, judging?

Do your thoughts gently nudge you, like the sun peaking over your distant dark waters to welcome your day and brighten your rise in shine? Or do they rip you awake like a thunderous storm cloud in the middle of your bad dream?

What is the landscape of your thoughts? What do the horizons of your mind look like? What is the world you are creating for yourself?

There is a Buddhist saying:

Body like the Mountain

Heart like the Ocean

Mind like sky

If your emotions are the ocean and your thoughts the sky, are you creating rainbows or Tsunamis?