Stalk your body: Intuitive Communication



Yesterday, in our ACIM Studies, I talked about communication with the spirit through subtle signals in the body. I wanted to explore this topic a little more thoroughly.

The body uses several systems to communicate with the brain, including the nervous and endocrine systems. The nervous system has chemical signals called neurotransmitters and the endocrine system uses hormones to send messages.

“The endocrine system works in large part by acting on neurons in the brain, which controls the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland secretes factors into the blood that act on the endocrine glands to either increase or decrease hormone production. This is referred to as a feedback loop, and it involves communication from the brain to the pituitary to an endocrine gland and back to the brain. This system is very important for the activation and control of basic behavioral activities, such as sex; emotion; responses to stress; and eating, drinking, and the regulation of body functions, including growth, reproduction, energy use, and metabolism. ”                                                                                Excerpt from

With all of that communication happening without a single interaction of the thinking mind, it is not so difficult to conceive that there are plenty of other things happening , which are not part of our linear, single-minded concrete thinking mind, called the ego.

Our body was created to communicate with us. There are some universal communications, many of us are familiar with;  sweaty palms when we are nervous, butterflies in the stomach, or the way people describe their heart skipping a beat when they meet their future love interest. When these subtle communications happen, it is important to start paying attention to the circumstances around them. Doing so opens us to a multitude of senses not commonly associated with the human body.

Try this little exercise:

Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

Get comfortable, lay down, or sit and close your eyes.

If you know how to get your mind into alpha, that is ideal but not necessary.

It is also ideal to ground yourself here, if you know how, if not, again, not necessary.

Next, take a few minutes and starting with your toes, tense up each muscle and hold for about 5 seconds and then release. Repeat this as you go from your toes, to your feet, to your calves and your thighs, your arms, your abs, your back muscles, your neck, your face, etc. Once you have gone through each muscle, begin to concentrate only on your breath. Let go of the body, let it relax completely.

Now, think of something that brings you joy. Try not to move, just visualize that joy, get really familiar with the feeling of joy, how does joy feel in your body? Is anything tingling? Sweating? Vibrating? Pounding? Do you experience lightness in your body? What does joy feel like to your body?

Next, think of something that makes you angry. Recreate the situation in your mind and really visualize your anger. How does anger feel in your body? Does it make your stomach hurt? Are your neck muscles tight? Any tingling, sweating, itching etc? Really pay attention to your body. What does anger feel like to you?

Getting the hang of it? Try sadness, fear, love, etc…

Get to know the feelings of the body. What are all those neurotransmitters and hormones relaying to you?

In some of my Toltec studies, we call this “Stalking the body.” Just get to know the different sensations in your body associated with different emotions.

When I feel anger, I feel a sensation deep in my stomach first. When I feel intense love, my breasts have a sensation similar to the let-down response I had when I was nursing my children. When I am nervous, my palms tingle ever so slightly.

It is in these sensations I have learned how to “feel” my inner navigation system – intuition. In doing so, I have begun a very intimate relationship with my body. I am learning to listen to its subtle messages and heed its subtle warnings. The more I trust it, the more it reveals to me. I have even diagnosed myself with a Urinary Tract Infection two days before the urine test revealed it by recognizing a particular sensation in my hand when I urinate. This revelation alone has given me so much encouragement to continue listening to its messages.

Now, I feel confident when my body tells me someone is lying to me about something or something “Feels” too good to be true. Which by the way, is another way to listen to your intuition, when you get a “sense” something is off, or not right… listen to it! Again, listening is only the first step, you must learn to honor those subtle messages and when you do, your body will begin to reveal even more.

Have you ever seen animals respond to danger before you see it? They smell it. They feel it in their fur. Animals do not have egos and are therefore do not experience the separation, in this way, they recognize the subtle signs in their internal navigation system and act. This is my challenge to you.

It may take some practice at first, but once you learn to pay attention and experiment with the different sensations, you will have added a whole new dimension to what it means to be human.

I would love to hear from you if you try this exercise, please come back and share!