Moving Meditation.. alternative ways to quiet your mind



Modern medicine is finally catching up to what Eastern Cultures have long known, meditation provides countless physical, mental and spiritual benefits  to those with a regular practice.

Meditation can seem unapproachable to some. In a culture that never unplugs, learning how to quiet the mind can feel like an insurmountable challenge. For those of us who constantly multi-task or have our faces glued to one electronic screen after another, sitting still and quieting the mind do not sound appealing. Worse yet, we make it into another task on our to do list.. a task that always gets pushed to later.

But not all meditation practices require sitting cross-legged on the floor and being silent. Moving meditation is just as beneficial for the body, mind and soul and is a lot easier for those of us “Type A” Personalities to practice. It certainly has been the case for me.

The idea behind meditation is to get familiar with the space between thoughts. To silence the never ending stream of to do lists and judgments that come from the Ego. When we quiet the Ego, we learn to hear our intuition. Intuition is a much quieter voice than the one that drives most of us and intuition is divine guidance, it is gentle, it will not shout!

According to the Omega Institute, moving meditation comes with many benefits . Moving meditation brings us present into the moment, into our bodies and into our communion with spirit.

There are several types of moving meditation, including but not limited to:


Martial Arts such as Kung Fu

Qi Gong

Tai Chi


Walking Meditation (Such as in the labyrinth picture above)


Sacred Dance (5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Azul, Movement Medicine, etc.)

According to this study, finding the right type of meditation for your lifestyle and personal taste means you are more likely to maintain a regular practice. It is in that sustainment that we realize the health benefits of meditation and begin to reap the mental and physical rewards.

Moving meditation invites you to turn any form of conscious movement into a sacred body prayer. If you are physically active, moving meditation allows you to combine the benefits of meditation with the benefits of exercise.

In dance, I have found my sustainment. If you have trouble sitting still, perhaps moving meditation is more your cup of tea.

What types of moving meditation have you found helpful for your spiritual practice?