Judgment and the Authority Problem


This post is part of a series of posts entitled: Reflections from a Course in Miracles

We already discussed the Last Judgment. Now we learn that after the Last Judgment, there is nothing.

“After the last judgment there will be no more. Judgment is symbolic because beyond perception there is no judgment.”

Once we awaken to the reality that spirit is manifest in every living thing, reality as you know it, changes. We begin to recognize that the same oxygen that just left my nose is now inside yours. We breathe the same air. We are all made of the same water and minerals and carbon. We are all the same. Therefor, upon awakening or remembering that we are part of the prefect spirit, there is no longer anything to perceive because everything is known.

We no longer perceive things, so we no longer judge them. We return to our source.

“The choice to Judge rather than to know is the cause of the loss of peace”

When we judge, we are taking our perception and applying a label to it, either good or bad. Unfortunately, most of us do not judge things as good, we seldom comment when we are happy with it, when we like something, but we are quick to comment when we do not like it, when we are not happy.



“You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgment. When you recognize what you are and what your brothers are, you will realize that judging them in any way is without meaning. In fact, their meaning is lost to you precisely because you are judging them.”

So, here, it is time for another reminder that we are one and the same as spirit. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are all one and the same and you are the same as they are. So is your brother, as in every single human, every single plant, animal and mineral. We are all breathing the same air, we are all one with the spirit and we are all perfect. This means there is nothing to judge. Nothing. Once you know in your body, your mind, your heart and your soul that what I say is true, you have the beginning seed for the suspension of judgment.

Both fear and fatigue are symptoms of the ego being “in charge,” this brings us to the topic of authority.  I had a little trouble with this one but, I will do my best to explain my interpretation.

You have the power to manifest in your own life, this is true, this as ACIM would say, makes you the author of your own story. However, we each embark on our own story alone and as part of the greater whole. Therefore, not everything you wish to create can be created, because many times, what we wish for is outside of our own story. For example, if you wish for someone specific to love you and to not leave you, you are projecting your wishes on their story. This is exactly why we cannot always have what we wish to create. Fear and fatigue then are symptoms of projecting the desires of our ego on someone else.


I should correct the above paragraph, because as we know, as soon as we wish for something, we are then putting a condition or our own happiness. The true test of humanity is finding satisfaction with the human condition in whichever way it is presented.

Finally, in the last paragraph we are reminded that judgment always imprisons us, because we perceive something as lacking or not good enough. In order to be truly free, we must no judge, we must forgive, we must forgive, we must love and finally, we must let go. We must let go of control, let go of expectation and let go of trying to force our will on any other living being.