Lessons of the Spirit (conclusion)

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course of Miracles. This is Chapter 6, The lessons of Love.  This is the conclusion of section V. Lessons of the Holy Spirit.

These lessons are our preparation to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which we have learned, we have the ability to enter, here on earth.

In Lesson one, we learned that in order to have, we must give. One of the primary parts of the Law of Abundance and one that many people forget is that when we have a mindset of lack, we cannot draw Abundance. When we give to others as if we have everything to give, the universe rewards us with abundance. This concept is a difficult one for ego to accept.

The second lesson taught us that in order to learn, we should teach. We should teach peace in order to learn peace and in learning the essence of peace, once we have experienced the wholeness of peace, we have identified with Kingdom of Heaven. You are a divine reflection of God, accepting this is the key to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because opposing thoughts cannot be held in the same space at the same time, we must be vigilant. Our vigilance will only serve to cleanse our thoughts. Only Truth can be maintained in the mind of spirit. We can choose to let go of the ego and live in peace, or we can choose to live in discord, trying to maintain these two opposing ideals. There truly is only one choice however, because we cannot destroy what is of spirit, only what is of ego. Trying to maintain both causes discord, discomfort and disease.

Everything outside the Kingdom is an illusion. Every creation of the ego is an illusion. Everything created of spirit is truth and will always remain. It is only the ego that believes what it has created.

Vigilance must remain, as long as we are in human body. As long as we remain in human form, we will have an ego and must be vigilant against it. Vigilance against sickness is the only way to heal it. Giving into the ego ideals of separation, exclusion and hate will only cause discomfort in the mind, because only the wisdom of the Soul is eternal. Once your mind is healed, it radiates health and eventually teaches healing to others. It is this way that we begin healing the world, by healing one mind at a time, beginning with”The Man in the Mirror.”

Your intention for peace and inclusion and wellness keeps you vigilant. Set the intention to find peace and love and your vigilance is the action step, the sign that you want to follow spirit instead of ego.

“you have exerted a great effort to preserve what you made because it was not true. Therefore, you must now turn your effort against it. Only this can cancel out the need for effort, and call upon the being which you have and are. This recognition is wholly without effort since it is already true and needs no protection. It is in the perfect safety of God. Therefor, inclusion is total and creation is without limit.”

Vigilance of thought requires effort until you learn that effort is unnecessary. Most of the effort we exert is in protection of what the ego has created. Once we turn our effort against the ego, the work becomes effortless. Recognition that you are part of the Kingdom, that you are perfect, that you do not have flaws and can be everything you dream of and more is the goal. To find that path, one only needs to turn your back on the ego and look for the Voice of the spirit.


In the student guide of ACIM, there is a daily exercise intended to bring us each closer to spirit. In the beginning the exercises seem odd, but as you read through the text and begin to understand the material, the exercises begin to make sense. I would like to offer a daily email service to address the exercises in the student lesson section. Is this something you may be interested in? If you would like to receive a daily ACIM exercise, please comment below, so I can begin working on this service. It will entail a daily ACIM email with the exercise, as written and some guidance and commentary regarding the exercise. It will be delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday for the length of the Course. Would you be interested? Please tell me below.