A “Raving” Orgasm


Warning: this post may contain explicit content.

On Friday night, I attended an electronic dance music (also known as EDM) concert with my son’s girlfriend. She called the event a rave, which of course conjured images of drugged up youths thrashing around to loud bass and getting out of control. Boy was I wrong!

Having recently discovered the spiritual benefits of ecstatic dance, I decided to give it a shot anyway and reserve judgement for the experience. Electronic dance music after all has led to some of my most spiritual experiences on the dance floor.

According to Dictionary.com, ecstatic can be defined as “of, relating to, or characterized by ecstasy or a state of sudden, intense, overpowering emotion.” Let me tell you about this new ecstatic dance experience I had at a rave:

As I expected, the crowd at the Tritonal concert was mostly half my age, except for a few creepy guys in my age-group who were probably there to check out the young, scantily clad ladies. Again, I tried to reserve my judgement and enjoy the music. We made our way to the middle of the tightly packed venue where the mixed crowd of mostly twenty-somethings bounced up and down to the electronic thumping. I could feel the bass in my heart, I could feel each electronic sound rocketing through my body, I needed to move. The venue was packed with writhing bodies, I felt like a sardine packed into a can, I needed space and air, this crowd was not opposed to knocking you out of the way, if they were determined to move past you. I couldn’t stand the lack of personal space. After ensuring my under-aged companion would be comfortable in the middle of the pack alone, I moved to the back of the venue, where the observers reclined against the bar. I found a railing that would protect my body on two sides and the dancers in this back area of the room were sparsely spread, I felt like I had enough personal space to just fall into the dance without being knocked off balance by a young, hard body.

As the main act entered the stage, the crowd inched even farther towards the front of the venue, to get closer to the light show and energy of the performers. With more personal space around me, I closed my eyes and breathed into the bass. Starting with my toes, I allowed the bass to ground me to the earth.. thump, thump, thump, I allowed the energy to move through my body, each new rhythm they added to the mix added body parts to my dance. The faster the tempo, the more energy my body felt, I was alive with energy, I felt each added dimension of the music move my body in a new way. My wide space-hungry movements gave way to a shaking, quaking movements which probably didn’t look like much from the outside. Inside however, my energy was surging, my temperature rising, my body writhing… faster, harder, quaking, shaking… the temp rose to a frenzy, my body was in chaos, I felt as thought I was flailing about but I was hardly moving at all.

As the feverish pace drove upwards, faster, harder to the drop… the DJs changed the tempo. Suddenly, I felt as though I were rode hard and put away wet… My body felt as if I were on the cusp of a violent orgasm and my ravaging companion changed up the pace just short of my blessed release. I felt almost violated, almost aggravated, disappointed. I Kept dancing and flowing as the performers took me on a magic carpet ride. Just as I became frustrated, the tempo once again rose towards a frenzy and body sparked alive with the intense energy of a building orgasm again. As the tempo peaked, I braced myself for the earth-shaking release I felt building in my. This was not your ordinary orgasm, this was going to be good. Up, Up, up we went on a fantastical teasing body shaking experience, the drop was coming, my ears felt it. I felt it in my body, everywhere… I was about to have a full on earth shaking body orgasm… Up the tempo went, faster, harder a swirling electronic sounds shaking my body to its core.. The energy in the room was palpable, the energy in my body was nothing less than ecstatic. My feet delivered the thumping energy of the bass through my body, where my heart picked up the rhythm, electronic sounds entered the cochlea and my the sweat dripping down my spine gave me goose bumps, every hair on my body was standing at attention, I’ve never felt so alive. Up, Up we went.. my body barely moving on the outside, but in the inside every single cell in my was alive with ecstasy. As the bass dropped my entire body rocked and shook with pleasure as if I had just had the best orgasm of my life. DJs sent ripples of currents through my veins shaking me and quaking me, the after shocks of the full bodied orgasm as violent and amazing as my best sexual orgasm ever. I was hooked.

The performers weaved their magical experience beautifully. My magic carpet ride sent me shaking and quaking multiple times, I couldn’t get enough, I should have been exhausted, but I road each ripple of sound as its current coursed through my body generating more energy than I thought my 46 year old body could manage.

I looked around a few times, embarrassed out how my body may have looked as I writhed with joy at each wave of sound. No one seemed to notice me. Each person around me absorbed in their own journey.

I am not sure if those kids know what they have there. Tritonal sent me on a fantastical orgasmic journey. They literally shook me all night long. At 2AM, my disappointment was palpable as the concert ended. I have never felt more alive, more vibrant, more full of energy! What a fantastic experience. If I have yet to convince you of the benefits of ecstatic dance, let this be another convincing argument. If the physical benefits and stress relief of dance do not convince you and if spiritual awakening does not feel enticing to you… does a body shaking, quaking, scream-worthy, whole-body orgasm entice you to dance?

I don’t know if all these young kids know what a gold mine this music is. This is tantric sex without a partner. Imagine the stress relief that comes from letting go like that.

Perhaps a Rave isn’t your scene, I get it, it certainly wasn’t a place I expected to find myself at this age. Something about being in a crowd of 20 somethings, completely oblivious to me and not trying to hit on me gave me the freedom to just let go! I didn’t care who saw me, the experience was so mind blowing, I was completely present in my body and the opinions of some “kids” was not even a concern. I also figured, I probably looked like I was just as strung out as most of them were, but trust me, the experience itself was all the drugs I needed. I see myself attending a few more in the very near future.

My body having worked out every care in my world, I slept the sweetest sleep of recent history. After almost 24 hours have passed, (aside from a few sore muscles,) I am still basking in the glow of most satisfying evening. In dance, I have found the chaotic frenzy of ecstasy and the sweet peace of post coital release, what a journey!