Creation and Communication

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from a Course in miracles. We are rounding out Chapter 4 Illusions of the Ego today  in the last section VII Creation and Communication.


In this chapter, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on the difference between the Ego and the Spirit. In this last section we learn that we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit (God).

When the ego is formed, part of the mind becomes concrete, meaning the ego does not comprehend the abstract ideas of spirit. The ego bases all of its beliefs, knowledge, perceptions, feelings and ideas based the bodily senses. Abstract ideas such as communicating with spirit do not fall in line with the ego’s construct.

Additionally, the ego does attempts to block communication with spirit because once regular communication is established, the ego’s life span is considered limited. Often, as we begin down a spiritual path and establish a regular prayer or meditation practice, we also learn that the Ego is the enemy. The ego is the source of our pain, confusion, guilt, anger and depression, once we have learned to accept this, we often take efforts to quiet the ego, which allows for greater communication with spirit. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the ego, to limit the mind’s exposure to that type of spiritual communication.

It is the ego that is responsible for distracting us from meditating. The ego that distracts us from communing with nature. The ego is responsible for making us think about our endless to do lists when we are trying to be still.

Each of has a direct line to spirit. Like the bat phone, spirit is always available, when we ask. Since the spirits method of communication is universal, it is also abstract.

In my Toltec training, I learned of a technique called “stalking the body.” The theory behind this technique is that spirit often communicates through the body. When we begin paying attention to the little sounds and movements and “feelings” in the body in relation to our current circumstances, we start to notice the body is always communicating with us, in very subtle abstract ways.

Learning to understand these subtle communications can open new doors. This is the key to our intuition and communing with spirit.

Finally, we learn that this recognizing, observing and then sharing this communication with spirit is what is meant by the Bible when it tells us to praise God. God does not have an ego and therefore does not require that kind of praise. ACIM instructs us that learning to communicate in the abstract with God, is the revelation. The revelation is an individual experience. It is different for everyone. However, once on the other side of the revelation, it is our task to rejoice in it, for God is not wholly satisfied until all of his creations are joyous. Finally, we learn that once revealed to you, it is your duty to share what you have learned, this is the true function of the miracle worker. Anyone who shares the revelation, in whatever way (Music, dance, movies, books, poems, art etc) is a miracle worker, because they are planting the seeds of the revelation in others.

Once you have awakened, your true purpose is revealed. It is in the revelation that God will share with you the method. We each have our own creative niche and to find it we need only ask. Asking however, is only the first key to your success, Listening for the answers and following through with rightful action will complete the trifecta of body, mind and spirit, the holy trinity.

Start listening to your body. Start paying attention to nature. If you ask for guidance and a stranger appears at your door, do not look at them in judgment because the propose an abstract idea to you.. they quite possibly have been sent as an answer to your prayers.