Journal Prompt: Blissful Timelessness


It is so easy to get stuck thinking about the parts of our lives we are not happy with. It is simply easier to complain about life than appreciate our blissful moments.

Recently, I shared how dance has been part of many of my blissful moments. I wanted to share dance as my example here because it is a moment of bliss for me and it does not require the presence of anyone else. I need only music to find my bliss.

Many other moments of blissful timelessness involve people I love, some of them involve once in a lifetime experiences, like trips to far away lands, sky diving, giving birth.

Blissful Timelessness is a term I made up many years ago to describe the hours spent with the love of my life. It perfectly described the way we would just talk and cuddle and make love and hours could turn into days before we remembered there was a world.

When digging myself out of the throws of chronic depression, I realized there was value in focusing on the positive things, the things that made me happy, the things that made my heart sing, the moments when I was so blissful that time no longer mattered.

Today’s journal prompt is to write about your moments of bliss. Spend some time and really think about the people, places and things that make your heart sing. This could make an excellent bullet journal exercise.

What are the things you can re-create from those moments? Try not to think only about the people you love to spend time with. The benefit from this exercise comes from finding those things you can lose yourself in, where time no longer matters, you are blissfully unaware of anything outside the current moment; this is the essence of presence, living in this moment, right here, right now, nothing else matters.

Think about those times in your life, where you were so happy that you wanted to stay right there in that moment as long as possible.

Later, when you are feeling bad, this journal page will remind you of the things you can do to lift your spirits. sunshine

Here is a glimpse at some of mine:


Staring at the Ocean at sunset

Reading a really good book

Scrapbooking and other crafts



Kayaking at sunset

Scuba Diving

What are some of your moments of blissful timelessness; moments where you are so happy, time melts away and your absolutely present in your own moment?

I would love to hear from you, please be sure to leave a link in the comments if you blog about this prompt.