Book Reviews

I read all the time, My face is almost always smashed in a book. During down-times on the job, I am logged into my kindle account and even if I am watching television at home, there is likely a book in my face, on my lap or within arms reach. Many times, you can find dozens of books piled on my bedside table, another dozen on the floor next to my bed. My bookshelves are bursting at the seems and my amazon cart is loaded with an order for the next payday at all times.

Occasionally, I will devour a book from cover to cover before I lift my head for more than basic life necessities. Sometimes a book will send me down a rabbit hole in search of more information on a couple topics.

Sometimes I encounter life changing books, that send me down a different rabbit hole, into new and fascinating worlds, coming out of their trance only to pay the bills, feed the body or experiment with some new theory derived from my voracious reading. My life has often been the place, between books.

Book Reviews

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach

Life Changing Books that have altered my perspective and potentially my coarse in life

Warrior Goddess Training – Heatherash Amara

Turning Dead Ends Into Doorways – Staci Boden

Burning Woman – Lucy Pearce

Sweat your Prayers– Gabrielle Roth

Dancing The Dream– Jamie Sams

The Shack: A Second Look and a spiritual barometer

Ego is the Enemy- Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the way – Ryan Holiday