Healing and the Changelessness of mind (Part one)

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from a Course in Miracles. This is Chapter 7, The Gifts of the Kingdom, Section V Healing and the changelessness of Mind.

We have already learned that the body is nothing more than a learning lab or playground for the mind. All behavior begins in the mind. The mind is where all behaviors must be changed.

“The body is nothing more than a framework for developing abilities, which is quite apart from what they are used for. That is a decision.”

The ego however, believes you are your body and your entire existence comes from the perceptions of the human body. The mind communicates, the body communicates and creates. Since communication is of spirit, the ego focuses its attention on the body. Spirit cannot be obliterated, so the ego tries to convince us that we only need our bodies, not our minds. This is a survival tactic, because the ego is only concerned with survival and seeks to draw our attention away from spirit. It (The ego) knows it cannot outrun the spirit and the spirit will always prevail. When the human body ceases to exist, the spirt shall remain, we are spirit contained in a body.

While the ego tries to convince us that we do not need the mind, spirit does not accept this confusion. While minds can communicate, they cannot hurt, this is a function of the ego and therefore a function of the body. Only bodies can hurt other bodies. Spirit always seeks to heal.  Healing always strengthens. Ego destroys.

Magic and miracles (healing) can easily be confused by a mind that is not whole. Magic is perceived as “special” while miracles are available to all who believe.

“Healing perceives nothing in the healer that everyone else does not share with him”

It is spirt after all that performs the miracle through the human. Healing always works because it is of spirit. Only consistency is conflict free and as we have learned, the only way to be conflict free is to be vigilant of the mind.


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