The Law of the Kingdom

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This is section II The Law of the Kingdom of Chapter 7, The Gifts of the Kingdom.

“To heal is the only kind of thinking in this world that resembles the Thought of God.”

In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no belief, there is only certainty. We have called this Wisdom, an innate knowing of truth without the sensory perceptions of the body. We do not have to see it with our own eyes to know it is true, we just known it to be true. This is the same way in the Kingdom, wisdom is innate, it is known, it does not need to be validated through perception. In this way, in the Kingdom, there is no need to teach or learn, because wisdom is innately known.

In our human world, however, we have the ability to perceive through two avenues, the ego and the spirit.

Healing, then, is nothing more than correcting a misperception.

“When a brother perceives himself as sick, he is perceiving himself as not whole, and therefore in need.”

If you too, choose to see him as sick, you are perpetuating this misperception, because spirit is perfect and eternal and has no flaws. We are contained in the Kingdom of God as his creations and therefore we area already perfect, we have nothing to correct. In order to help this brother heal himself then, we must first stop recognizing his pain as illness, rather it is merely a misperception to be corrected.

When you go to a foreign country in which you do not speak the local language, following the laws of the land is difficult. If we do not speak the language, we require a translator who will change the laws from the unknown language to ours. While it may not be a word for word translation, our translator will change the words in order to convey them without losing the intent of the message. It is in this way that spirit  translates the Laws of the Kingdom of God to us in our own language. The Kingdom does not require words in order for us to understand, but in Human form, we require human words in order to understand.

The difference here is that we are not actually learning the Laws of God, rather we are remembering them. When we entered human form and began interacting as a human, using our human senses and forgetting our true Nature of eternal perfection.

When someone gets a specific head injury, they often lose all recollection of their human existence, They remember how to drive and tie their shoes, but they have lost all memory of who they were before the injury. They must retrain themselves in the world of the ego.

It is in this way, we must retrain ourselves, through mindful vigilance of our thoughts. We must remember our true, eternal perfection. Once we remember, we must stay vigilant to not allow opposing ego thoughts to enter the mind.

Spirit invites us to forget all of the constructs of the ego. We are not who the ego thinks we are, we are divine, eternal perfection. Forgetting is merely a mechanism to help us remember this perfection.

If the mind were a bowl, one half filled with ego thoughts and the other of spirit, we need only remove the ego thoughts in order to fill the bowl with spirit. All the pain and did-ease we are feeling lies merely in the fact that we are trying to contain these two opposing views in the same bowl.

You cannot hold that you are eternal and perfect and ideas of incompleteness or a need for correction at the same time. You must choose one. Only one of these is truth, so choosing to maintain that you are flawed will always feel uncomfortable, because it is not true.

Ego ideas can be removed however, though the vigilance we discussed in the last post. This vigilant removal of the ego’s false ideals allows us to fill the mind with the light of spirit. When we stop listening to the ego, spirit is the only voice we can hear.


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