The Reality of The Kingdom

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This is Chapter 7, The Gifts of the Kingdom, section II. The Reality of the Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is the conduit between the ego and the inherent wisdom that is of God, or our intuition.

We have learned that the ego is the enemy. This makes the enemy of the ego, our friend. When we learn to embrace whatever the ego fears, we will find a faithful path to peace. The ego fears what it treacherous to its vitality and therefore rejects anything it fears.

Think about it, the ego fears change, the ego fears progress, the ego fears anything that threatens its security. Yet when we embrace the fear and face everything anyway, we can rise to meet any challenge.

Each of God’s creations was created equal and is afforded the same power and benefits of creation as God. There is no need to compete for these resources, because they are plenty and equally afforded to all. Only the ego thinks we are at war and must compete for the favor of our father. Until we truly see one another as equal, we are using the ego to think and this is an idea that must be corrected, this is the vigilance we talked about in the previous chapter

To enter the Kingdom of which you were made to be a part, you need only the intention to do so. You must merely focus your attention on it. You must be vigilant to no longer accept the judgments of the ego, because they are exclusionary and not real.

Your mind already holds within it the light of the Kingdom of Heaven. You need only flip on the switch, it is always available to you.

Once you can adequately reject the judgments of the ego and see only light, your light will draw towards it the frequency of light and you will come to understand abundance. Follow the rules outlined in the last chapter, keep practicing. Eventually you will stop questioning if a thought is from the ego or the spirit, you will just know the truth as truth. The wisdom of the spirit is yours and holds within it the perfect serenity and peace of love. You need only reclaim it to make it again yours.


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