The Only Answer

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. We are currently reviewing Chapter 6, The Lessons of Love, Section IV The Only Answer.

The Holy Spirit is the answer, not the question. Whatever the question, Spirit is the answer. Spirit’s message is always one of perfect eternal love and inclusion.

The ego sees itself as separate from you. It sees itself as separate from the universal whole and thus it seeks to exclude. The ego believe it is solely the body it perceives with human senses and rejects any idea of wholeness because that would mean it (the ego) no longer exists as the separate entity it perceives itself as.

“The ego does not regard itself as part of you”

It perceives itself as you. God and Spirit are within you, this is a fact, that the ego attempts to ignore. But the voice of spirit is always available.

You were created in perfect love.  You made the ego without love. (Because the entire ideal of the ego, is the perception of separateness) Because the ego was created without love, it does not love you. The ego is an avatar, with a limited perception of reality. Because the ego does not love, it cannot exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom is made is nothing more than Love.

Because our ego perceives itself of separate, it is the part of us that needs allies, in separating itself, this isolation has left it alone.

Spirit does not answer first, but it always answers. The ego however, cannot hear spirit when it responds. Because it cannot hear spirit, it believes the part of the mind it does not hear and cannot understand (the message of inclusion and love), it fears what it does not know. Next, it believes the best defense from attack is attacking first.

Spirit always responds in the same way:

“You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which he created as part of Him. Nothing else exists and only this is real. You have chosen a sleep in which you have only had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake.”

As part of the separation, part of our mind (the ego) lost the ability to recognize our wholeness. In the Kingdom, where you are and what you are and your unique gifts and talents are wisdom inherent in your being. The ego however, does not recognize these perfections. When we were children, we often had a perfectly whole and complete vision of who we were and where we were going in life. It was not until someone put doubts in our mind, did we begin veering off course, most likely on a trajectory towards someone else’s dreams or vision for their own life. They project their ideas, thoughts and beliefs onto us. Often, as children, we do not realize this is the case and we begin to believe the projections of the egos in our immediate life and we start to doubt our innate skills and talents and dreams.

“The introduction of abilities into being was the beginning of uncertainty, because abilities are potentials, not accomplishments.

Abilities must be developed before you can use them.”

The Kingdom is perfect, it does not require hard work or correction. Because we created a world of separation, we perceive someone as having talent, in truth each of us is already perfect. Part of the separation occurred because we wanted to create our own life and in giving us this ability, we have lost our way home. The kindest way to deal with this false perception of separateness, was to introduce abilities to be strengthened, it is in this way, we find our true calling.

God does not seek to destroy any of our creations, because to do so would be an attack on what we have created. God loves all of his creations and all of the creations of theirs, so he loves all of our creations as well. He does not seek to destroy the false things our ego have created, rather he seeks to draw us back home. He invites us to remember that we are already perfect and complete and loved. When we recognize this perfection, we understand that listening to the Voice of spirit, the Voice of God, the Voice of the intuition, we will be guided back home, to the Kingdom, where everything is already whole and complete.

Striving indicates lack, lack means incomplete. When we recognize we are already perfect, we are complete, we no longer require striving, we already have everything we need.


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