The Message of the Crucifixion

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This is section I, of Chapter 6, The Lessons of Love.

Spirit is perfect. God does not make mistakes. This is an important lesson to recall as we begin to study the crucifixion of Christ. The death of Christ congers horrifying images for me and as a child, I never quite understood why God would allow his son to die. This is why I draw your attention now to a previous lesson; spirit does not make mistakes. The crucifixion is nothing to fear. The lesson it seeks to teach us is completely benign.

As we learned in the last post, extreme examples help us to understand a difficult concept. The crucifixion of Christ is one such example.

“The crucifixion was the last useless journey the Sonship need take and that it represents release from fear to anyone who understands it. “

Jesus Christ, the son of God, was crucified for “our sins.” This means he “Atoned” (used here in the traditional sense) for anything and everything that we could possibly have done wrong. We have no need for guilt from past mistakes, they have already been accounted for in the crucifixion.

“You have probably reacted for years as if you were crucified. This is a marked tendency of the separated, who always refuse to consider what they have done to themselves.”

The statement above reminds me of how we act sometimes when the ego does not get its way.

The crucifixion is an extreme example of man’s ability to brutally assault another human being based on desires and beliefs of the small, ego-mind. Assault is an attack of the body and throughout recorded history humans have struggled to live in harmony with one another. Assault is the destruction of another human body. Destruction, however is not possible, we have already learned that anything that is true, real and of spirit, cannot be destroyed. So, if destruction of all that is Holy is impossible; the body, is not real. Even the destruction of another human body does not justify anger.

“If you respond with anger, you must be equating yourself with the destructible, and are therefore regarding yourself insanely.”


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