The Ego’s Use of Guilt

This post is part of a series, entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This . We are currently reviewing Chapter 5 Healing and Wholeness, Section V The Ego’s use of Guilt.

We have been discussing the ego at length in the past few Reflections posts, today we hope to understand some of these concepts more thoroughly by diving into the ego’s use of guilt.

In the first paragraph, we find an important reminder before we dive in: We have within us the ability to choose spirit mind or ego mind. We have both heaven and earth as part of our composition. We always, always have a choice to which of these minds we choose to listen.

Guilt is a tactic of the Ego. Unlike some popular dogma will have you believe, there is no guilt in heaven. If you are feeling guilty about something, it is a sure-fire sign that Ego is in charge at the moment.

The Kingdom of Heaven, as we have learned is attained through the atonement. This means that when we have united our energies, we can partake in heaven’s gifts. We must reunite our heavenly, spiritual mind with our earthly ego mind. This is the definition of atonement (Archaic) to bring things back into agreement, to reconcile.

Once again, it is necessary to remember that we are spirit and spirit is eternal and has no fear or guilt, it is perfection. Joy and Guilt cannot be contained in the same space at the same time. All of God’s creations are Joyous, which means everything we create with our hands is Joyous as well, because we are one with spirit. God is within us. Nothing we created ourselves can be associated with Guilt, because guilt and Joy cannot co-reside in the same heart. We can either be in the spirit mind and joyous or in the ego mind and guilty for something we perceive as lacking or something we perceive we have done. (remember senses of the body are not the same as the senses of spirit, spirit gives to us knowledge with out using the bodily senses.)

Guilt is a mechanism of the ego to keep us afraid and small. The Ego feels responsible for the separation. The Ego mind, believes that it is the be all and all of our human existence and therefore, it associates the body and the 5 senses as “Self.” The Ego believes it has attacked God, via the separation and therefore is born to guilt. Guilt is nothing more than a belief of the Ego, the only moment that matters is the present moment, guilt is part of the past.

We are also reminded that whatever we believe (Or the ego believes in) is reality to the ego.

“Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. It is your acceptance that makes it real.”

Remember that atonement truly reunites body with spirit and therefore it is in the ego’s best interest to fight this reunion.

The ego is not associated with sanity and therefore, allowing the guilt trip room to grow, is the definition of insanity. A sane mind is one with God. The sane mind does not create illness, this is the function of the ego. The fear of Holy retribution is also a function of the ego.

Once again, we have immediate access to spirit, should we choose to listen, but the ego is afraid of losing “self” and will do everything in its power to sever this connection to spirit. The ego believes in the world it has created. There is no place for ego in the spiritual realm.

“Irrational thought is disordered thought. God himself orders your thoughts because your thought was created by him. Guilt feelings are always a sign that you do not know this. They also show that you believe you can think apart from God, and want to. Every disordered thought is attended by guilt at its inception, and maintained by guilt in its continuance.”

Only the ego can feel guilt. If you are feeling guilty, you are dealing with your ego and not spirit. This is always so.Quotefancy-216272-3840x2160.jpg




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