Teaching and Healing

Reflections from A Course in Miracles This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. We are currently reviewing Chapter 5, Healing and Wholeness, Section IV. Teaching and Healing.

Each of us has fear. Some of our better human qualities hide behind fear. Have you ever seen a video, where someone is being treated badly and wonder why the person with the camera did not intervene? It happens to me all the time… Courage hinds behind fear.

Here ACIM reminds us once again that there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything we fear is part of the ego’s illusion, not reality. Fear is often not based in truth. In the last chapter, we learned that Spirit is vigilant on our behalf, we have nothing to hide from, because fear has no basis in reality. Of course there are circumstances that are fearful, but most of what we interpret as worthy of our fear is based on ego-perceptions and not holy reality.

“Nothing that is good can be lost because it comes from the Holy Spirit, the Voice for creation. Nothing that is not good was ever created, and therefore cannot be protected.”

Remember here that our working definition of Atonement comes from the archaic meaning; reconciliation or agreement. We know that our mind separated at birth and our spiritual quest is one of atonement or reunion with spirit.

We have learned previously that when we receive and intuitive message, this is an example of communing with the divine. When we spread these ideas and messages, they grow and gain strength in numbers.

“What the ego makes it keeps to itself, and so it is without strength. Its existence is unshared. It does not die, it was merely never born.”

This is a reminder that devices and ideas of the ego are not real and therefore can never truly be lost.

“Physical birth is not a beginning; it is a continuing. Everything that continues has already been born. It will increase as you are willing to return the unhealed part of your mind to the higher part, returning it undivided to creation.”

We have talked a great deal about becoming mindful of our thoughts and understanding which of our “minds” is in charge. The ego is formidable while in human skin. But, we were not always human, we were spirit before, we are still one with spirit and to spirit we shall return at the end of this human existence.

It is difficult for the ego part of the human mind to grasp this idea. Once we become mindful of our thoughts and learn to turn of the filters of the ego, we can become what the Toltecs like to call “Observers” of our own minds, rather than judges.

“Atonement, a remedy not of your making must be understood as a pure act of sharing”

Remember here that Ego does not like to share, but spirit understands that sharing creates growth of ideas. The ego is stingy, the spirit is inclusive.

We are not limited to our bodily appearances. There is so much more to spirit than the human senses can perceive. One likely way to understand if we are operating from the spirit or the ego is to understand the intent.

“Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving. Sharing is God’s way of creating.”

Spirit can speak the language of the Ego and does so in order to interpret our ego-mind into the language of spirit.

Remember from a previous reflection, sharing is God’s way of creating. By sharing ideas and inspiration, they grow.  Ideas of the spirit never conflict with one another, but ideas of the ego may be oppositional. The ego ideas do not occur on the same level as the spiritual idea and therefore can be full of conflict with other ego ideas. Spiritual ideals on the other hand area all designed to be congruent with one another.  The spirit will not communicate ideas of the ego until they have been purified to coincide with the truth and spirituality.

Once  spirit removes the conflict from the idea and purifies it to be only what is true and holy, the idea is then ready for sharing.


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