Healing and Wholeness

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from a Course in Miracles. Today, we are beginning Chapter 5 Healing and Wholeness. Part I The invitation to the Holy Spirit.


I have spoken before about my personal glimpse at the Universal Truth through my own revelation. The Universal Truth is the Revelation. For me, since my very first glimpse at the inner connectedness of the universe, I have strived on a daily basis to return to this Universal Truth. In this chapter of ACIM, I learned the reason for my temporary glimpses at the Truth:

“Only the healed mind can experience revelation with lasting effect, because revelation is an experience of pure joy. If you do not choose to be wholly joyous, your mind cannot have what it does not choose to be.”

This is tricky concept because it implies the reason we are not whole and one with the Universal Truth is because we have chosen not to be. Personally, I struggled with this concept, because I spent many, many hours trying to meditate and recapture that sense of peace which was revealed to me through the revelation. Upon re-reading ACIM, I now have come to understand that wanting it is not enough, I must choose joy daily, I must choose Joy hourly, I must choose joy by the minute.

Each day, when we awaken, we  have the opportunity to choose joy. This is task the ego makes quite difficult and is why the Ego was the topic of the last chapter. Each day, choosing whole Joy instead of the Ego mind is something to strive for. It is too easy to get caught up daily in our own ego-drama. As we have already learned, the Ego has no intention of giving up easily, because it knows once it allows the Holy Spirit to enter the mind, it (the Ego) will have its death.

The Ego likes to own its ideas for itself, because it feels like sharing is giving something away. We have all met those people who know that knowledge is power and hold onto knowledge with a death grip rather than spread it to others.

Here ACIM tells us that sharing knowledge is not giving up anything, it is in fact, quite the opposite:

“If you share a physical possession, you divide its ownership. If you share an idea, however, you do not lessen it. All of it is still yours although all of it has been given away”

This reminds me of the age old question, “Which child do you love more?” While we as parents may have a favorite personality, we do not love one child more than the other, we are able to give love to each equally and nothing is therefore lost.

The same goes for an idea, When we share an idea, it is not lost, rather sharing the idea allows it to grow. “As they say, two heads are always better than one.” By sharing ideas and combining them with all the various backgrounds, education and experiences of others, the idea gains legs and spreads.

“Thoughts increase by being given away.

The More who believe in them the stronger they become.

Everything is an idea.

How then, Can giving and losing be associated?

Sharing an idea does not create a loss. Only when our ego is driving do we think sharing creates a loss. When we share an idea with someone else, who likes the idea and adopts it as their own, the idea has grown. The more people who adopt the idea, the more the idea grows, each new person adding their own knowledge, education and experiences to the idea. The more people who adopt the idea, the more credence it gains This is the exact opposite of a loss.

Can you imagine a great author or poet or musician not wanted to share their creative ideas with the world? The world would be a different place if we didn’t share ideas. Then again, I suppose the world would be a different place if we shared more ideas as well.

Think about the power of the internet and how easily ideas are spread…


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