Love without Conflict

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This is Chapter 4, Section III Love without conflict.egospirit

“The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen

When we chose to come to this planet and inhabit these bodies as part of our journey, the ego was part of that package. The ego solely exists as part of the human body’s experience. The ego knows that its life expectancy is limited, so it keeps us small and afraid.

Spirit is eternal and perfect and has nothing to fear.

We all have intuition to guide us, however most of us choose not to listen to it, or choose to hear the ego as the louder voice.

“The reason you need my help is because you have denied your own Guide and therefore need guidance”

ego and spirit

“The ego arose from the separation, and its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in the separation.

Against this temporary existence spirit offers you the knowledge of permanence and unshakeable being. No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again.

Love will enter immediately into any mind that truly wants it, but must want it truly.”


The key here is asking with the right intention. Not for fame or fortune or anything outside yourself, your intention must be selfless.

“This means that it wants it without ambivalence and this kind of wanting is wholly without ego’s drive to get.”


… your belief in darkness and hiding is why the light cannot enter.

There is an experience so different from anything the ego can offer that you will never want to cover or hide it again.

It is necessary to repeat that your belief in darkness and hiding is why the light cannot enter. 

Light cannot penetrate through the walls you make to block it, and it is forever unwilling to destroy what you have made”

Ego is a creation of our own values, experiences, interpretations, judgments etc. We are free to choose to think differently at any time.  Of course this is easier said than done, but it is the ego that attaches, it is the ego that strives for power, it is the ego that gets hurt, angry, frustrated, agitated, afraid etc. The spirit has nothing to fear, it has nothing to want for, it has everything it needs and it is perfect.

God, the Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Universal Energy or by whatever name you call your higher self or higher power (we are one and the same with the holy spirit, we are the “Kingdom of God”)love us unconditionally, and everything we create. We have created our ego, so our ego is loved as well. The holy spirit is not going to intervene for us on our behalf. The journey here is our own and we are the only ones who can take it.

“It has never really entered your mind to give up every idea you ever had that opposes knowledge. You retain thousands of little scraps of fear that prevent the Holy one from entering”9aad1-master-yoda-opt_-2

Yes, unlearning the ego is a difficult task, it takes practice and courage and vigilance but, it is ever so worth it. The ego is the cause of all our suffering. The ego gets attached, the ego lacks, the ego wants and desires; spirit is perfect and when you have your first glimpse of that perfection, you will do everything you can to get back to that sense of peace and calm and knowing that comes with the atonement, or the awakening. It is the knowledge of everything and our connection to everything and peace, pure, simple, delightful peace.


“God has given you everything”

We have everything we need and everything we want is within our reach, we truly need only to ask. Then, we need to step out of the way and pay attention and take the right actions to take care of things ourselves when the doors open. The hard part is getting out of our own way!


I feel there is no better way to end this post than with the way this section ends in the book and warrants some reflection.

“Consider how much vigilance you have been willing to exert to protect your ego, and how little to protect your right mind. Who but the insane would undertake to believe what is not true, and then protect this belief at the cost of truth?”

ego spirit


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