Journal Prompt: Perspective


What do you see in this picture when you look at it? What was your immediate impression? Perhaps you have seen it before and you already know there are two different perspectives in which to see this photo: in one is an older, wrinkled face with a warted nose. The other is of a young maiden with long flowing hair and a choker necklace around her neck. Can you see them both? Which did you see first? How long did it take you to find the other? If this is not your first time seeing it and you already knew what you were looking at, that could be even more interesting to note, which you found first with your gaze, when your mind already knew what it was looking for. Has it changed from the last time? Did you find the other lady first this time?

Did you see the older woman and think it was  a witch or a hag? Or did you see the young maiden first?

Reflect on this perspective now and how you handle other things in your life? Do you often see the negative first or the positive? Do you see turning old as a negative? Does the old woman look bad? To me she looks as if she is smiling,

I am not implying one image is good or the other is bad. Your interpretation is up to you, but how we view this photo could possibly give us some insight as to how we perceive our world.




The value in reflecting during this exercise is found by being honest with ourselves about how we view our world.

I was recently watching a reality TV show, there was  a woman who whined and complained about everything. She was always ready to blame or be the victim and you could see the effect it had on everything she did. She cried on every single episode and could not see how it was her own negativity that sabotaged everything she did. It was so clear to me as I watched that she was indeed creating her own reality. The more times the words, “I Can’t” came out of her mouth, the more that became her reality. It was an amazing thing for me to watch. I have written about perspective before and I have seen how my own attitude impacted my own results, but this was the first time I could watch it so obviously in someone else.

That recognition made me wonder if there was  a message there for me. I was so annoyed by all the whining and crying and victim mentality. It was having a somatic response to it, I could feel my body react to her.  I was repulsed by her behavior.

Anytime we are repulsed by something so strongly, it is a good time to reflect.

After some reflecting on it, I came to understand that I was judging her. I was judging her because I felt she was being a “weak minded” victim, in my opinion. My opinion being the optimum word.  I have some more reflecting to do as this has brought up some of my “mommy issues” so, this little exercise has been a very worthwhile journey I thought was a valuable one to share.

Reflect on your perspective. How do you see the world? Are you quick to judge? Are you quick to mark something as bad or good, simply because of your opinion? It is fine to have opinions of course, but when we start judging others simply by our own opinion, it is something in ourselves we are reflecting and it is valuable to take a look. My opinions have nothing to do with anyone else. My choices have nothing to do with anyone else. Just because I would act differently, does not mean I should judge another for making a different choice.

Yep, I got all that from this little brain teaser picture. I love this journey! Did this exercise prompt anything in you? I would love to have you share. If you blog about it, please be sure to post a link to your writing below. Not ready to share things like that? That’s ok, just tell me below what you think of the exercise. was it valuable to you?



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