Writing Prompt: Survive



This writing Prompt came from the dailypost. The topic is Survive

When you are finally scraping the bottom of the barrel

You have no choice but to Survive

There are no balls and chains to contend with, when everything is already lost

There are no obligations to anyone but yourself

Survival becomes the tool of transformation

Because you go back to the basics: baby steps, one at a time

You relearn how to put one foot in front of the other

You relearn how to stand on your own two feet

When you have already lost everything, there is nothing holding you back, tying you down

There is nothing left to fear

When all of your attachments are already severed

You reach a fork in the road

One is labeled survive and thrive

The other is labeled drown in despair

The choice is clear

What are you waiting for

You are the author of everything that lies in front of you

You need only choose

At the bottom of the barrel

There is nothing left to lose

If you have nothing to lose

You have nothing to fear

You can re-begin at the start

It may feel like survival mode while you are in the thick of it

But it is freedom, ultimate freedom

To start over

To recreate

To believe in your personal power

Don’t just survive





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