The Meaning of the Last Judgment

This post is part of a series of posts entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles


This is the final section of Chapter II. Section Viii The Meaning of the last Judgment

In my opinion, the entire section can be summed up in paragraph 5

He we learn that death is nothing to be feared and our fear of “The Last Judgment has everything to do with our association of “Last” with Death. Also, our association of death and fear.


“If the meaning of the Last Judgment is objectively examined, it is quite apparent that it is really the doorway to life.”

Powerfully, we are reminded that we are spirit and have nothing to fear because spirit is perfection and the body is nothing more than a learning lab for the spirit to experience life on earth in human form.

“No one who lives in fear is really alive”

Wow! What a powerful statement! No one who lives in fear is really alive. We have already identified that fear is a creation in our own mind, whatever we think, we create, giving validity to the fears as our reality is the creation of the mind.

We have talked a lot about fear in these posts, so this is a powerful lesson to learn. How different would your life be, if you were not afraid of anything? What would your world be like, if you were not afraid to be alone? Not afraid to try something different? Speak your mind? Live your dreams? Pursue your passion? If fear didn’t exist in your life, how different would your life be?

fear 4

Next, I would like you to think of the Last Judgment not as some day of reckoning coming from a power outside yourself, rather the day, YOU CHOOSE to STOP JUDGING.

We have already learned that our lives our mostly our creations but there are still events outside of our control. Even in those random events outside of our control, the truth of our reality is created by how we CHOOSE to view these events outside of our control. There are always choices. Choices create our reality. When we stop judging our created reality as good or bad and we accept both as part of the experience of being human, we begin what Eastern Traditions allude to as becoming a silent observer of your own life, experiencing the joys and the sorrows, the pain and the pleasure, the happy and sad all as parts of the whole and not judged as good or bad. We begin to Just Be, without judgment.

If everything in your life is part of your creation and you judge parts of it as bad or wrong, you are denying a part of yourself. The day YOU CHOOSE to STOP JUDGING things as good or bad, right or wrong, is the Last Judgment. Because you then enter a space where everything in your life, is your creation and is lovable. It is your own perfect creation This ends duality, it ends suffering.

“This is part of your Atonement”

Now that we have finished two chapters together, I would love to hear from you again! As with any art form, the text of ACIM can be interpreted in many ways. My interpretations are flavored by my experiences and beliefs but I believe in trying to find a common ground. The more we all learn to relate to one another and recognize that we are each on our own individual, yet similar journey, we can form a powerful community of seekers with a common vision of healing our tired souls and our scarred earth. My vision for the pages of this site is to join us in commonness rather than perpetuating differences. I would love to hear how my views may strike a chord with you, even if our backgrounds are not the same. In common ground we find strength. As always, thanks again for reading, please, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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