Book Review: Burning Woman


burning woman


In her own words, Lucy Pearce describes Burning Woman: “This book is for all women who burn with passion. Have been burned by shame. And in other places, at other times would have been burned alive for what they do and who they are. It is written for every woman who has struggled with expressing herself. Every woman filled with burning questions, who longed to give voice to the ideas within her, but was too scared by what might happen if she did. It is dedicated to every woman who is in the process of stepping into her power. And every single woman who has burned when she did.”

This book is about stepping into your personal power. “Something far bigger than just their desire to paint or write or start a blog or a business or protest. There is a collective burning igniting within women. A deep need to tell our stories and be heard. A longing to heal past hurts and move beyond them, into something big and bold and fresh and new. Something is changing, we can sense it. And yet when we have this yearning, when we hear this calling there is still the paralyzing fear.”

Lucy Pearce finds a way to take feminism and make it more approachable for those of us who never had a desire to burn our bras. This is a wonderful empowering book for all women, of all ages. If you are not burning before you read this book, as woman, you most likely will find yourself burning as you read it, I certainly did! If you want to ignite your passion and burn with an unquenchable fire, if you are searching for something and not quite sure what it is, if you are hungry for something, this book is for you!

Lucy writes with knowledge, authority and approachability. As I leaf through my own copy of this book, most of it is highlighted or dog eared or underlined. It is an incredible spiritual journey which will not disappoint!

“Now the phoenix of humanity can rise out of the flames of the old culture. Now is the time to return to the Feminine into her full power, to work in partnership with a new, mature masculine. Now is the time to give birth to a new world. Burning woman, hear the call!”

This book is for women who burn with passion. The book will have you accessing your personal power, courage and ready to engage the world in new ways!

“I invite you to stay aware of your body and emotions, note the impact that the words and ideas have on you internally. Feel where they inflame you, with passion or anger. See where they hit blockages or seed sparks. Because they will. These are burning words. Written for you, Burning Woman

This book came at such an amazing time for me, while trying to access my personal power and my own femininity.  I do hope you read Burning Woman and I do hope that you burn, that you find your own personal power and that you never stop burning with feminine energy and passion. This book was an incredible journey for me!




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