The Function of the Miracle Worker

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This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from a Course in Miracles.   We are currently in Chapter 2: The Separation and the Atonement Section V The Function of the Miracle Worker.

In my last post, we talked a little about the purpose of miracles: To remove fear. We also learned that the mind is the only thing that can create and can create

“It is essential to remember that only the mind can create.”  So, it is given that only the mind can create error (in thought) and the mistake must be corrected where it happens (in the mind).  We are reminded that spirit is perfect and therefore does not require any correction and the body is non existent, as anything more than a container for the spirit and as a learning device for the mind.

“It is obvious, then, that inducing the mind to give up its miscreations is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful”

In paragraph 2, we are reminded that we cannot approach the miracle with fear. Fear, which is tied to the ego will only lead you to miscreate. The text advises us to continue using physical medicine to heal the body until we are not fearful, because fear puts the creating principles of the miracle at risk. Self-doubt in your ability to heal with your mind, will also put the miracle at risk. The text tells us to be ready or not attempt the miracle. Self deprecation and Exaltation are both false and therefor will impact the ability to perform the miracle. My interpretation of this is that we must be humble and confident in our ability to perform the miracle.

“The healer who relies on his own readiness is endangering his understanding. If your miracle working inclination s are not functioning properly, it is always because fear has intruded on your right-mindedness and has turned it upside down. You are perfectly safe as long as you are completely unconcerned about your readiness, but maintain a consistent trust in mine”

The sole purpose of the miracle worker is the atonement (see previous post for a definition of atonement in this context) for himself. Once your mind, heart (spirit) and body are congruent, you begin to heal yourself and those around you. There is emphasis on recognizing the power of the mind to create both positive and negative.

When you begin to recognize the power of your mind, it is important to attribute only creativity to it. While the mind has the ability to deconstruct, it is important to focus on the more positive, creative aspects. In focusing on creating the miracle and creating what you want in your life, you will find the destructive habits of the mind lose their power. (This is completely a power of positive thinking).

Remember again, that the body is nothing more than a learning playground for the spirit.

“Corrective learning always begins with the awakening of spirit, and the turning away from the belief in physical sight”

The eyes are wired directly to the mind. Many of us have difficulty believing in something we have not physically seen with our own eyes.  But, to understand the miracle, and the atonement, it is important to have faith and understanding that some things exist, which we cannot physically see.

“What the physical eye sees in bot corrective, nor can error be corrected by any device that can be seen physically.  As long as you” (only) “believe in what your physical sight tells you, your attempts at correction will be misdirected.

Finally, this section addresses charity. Charity in this sense is considered, “a way of perceiving perfection in others, even if you cannot perceive in yourself. When you offer this miracle to another, you are healing both of you, this healing transcends time.



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