Origins of Separation

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles

This is the first post in Chapter 2 : The Separation and The Atonement

Earlier in the series, I posted some context to my beliefs you may find helpful to review if you are new to the series.

If we believe God to be that first, original strand of DNA as we approach this chapter we see that all of the power and perfection contained in the that first strand of DNA was passed along

In the creation, God extended Himself to his creations and imbued them with the same loving will to create

With this sentence we see that we have the desire to procreate and it is innate. But, along with the desire to extend our own genetics, by having children, creation should be thought of as creativity. Everything from the first tools, communication, literary compositions, music, science, medicine… is part of creation, inventors, scientists, artists are all creators in their own way.

From here, I needed to read and re-read the rest of paragraph one a few times to understand. At first, I thought it was saying that we cannot decide what to create and create it. I wanted to interpret this as the Law of Attraction was a false idea. However, after much reflection over the past week, I have decided that is not what it means at all.

I believe the distortion of reality is fear. Fear keeps us from bravely stepping into our lives and creating the life we want. Fear keeps us from acting, even if it is safe to do so.

The book refers to what we know of as the original sin, Adam listening to the lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. We know Eden to be Paradise, a place where everything is perfect and nothing is needed.  Unlike Eden, which is the picture of perfection, we are constantly grasping to make things different than they are. We constantly promise ourselves we will eat better, sleep better, exercise more, love more laugh more at some point in the future, when the conditions are perfect and the stars are aligned. What I believe this chapter seeks to teach us is that everything is exactly as it should be. Our lives are bringing us the perfect lessons on the perfect schedule, we only need to recognize this as fact to make it so.

“You do not have to continue to believe what is not true, unless you choose to do so. All that can literally disappear in the twinkling of an eye because it is merely a misperception.”

“It still remains within you, however, to extend as God extended HIs Spirit to you. In reality this is your only choice, because your free will was given you for your joy in creating the perfect.”

We are reminded then, that we are perfect and everything we create is also perfect. It is only when we choose to ignore that we and are circumstances are flawed in some way and that we must change them in order to enjoy our lives. Accordingly, this belief is false and therefore we are operating our lives with a false baseline.

“All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp the power of God. Of course, you neither can nor have been able to do this.”

This means that when we learn to operate our lives and still enjoy our lives on the basis that everything is already perfect and we are right where we are supposed to be, to learn the lessons we have chosen to learn.

“The escape is brought about by your acceptance of the Atonement, which enables you to realize that your errors never really occurred.”

We have already learned atonement to be  reconciliation; agreement or making things more congruent. Therefor, it tells us that when we learn to see things as they are, not as we want them or expect them to be, we will be free of the trap of duality. This means we should let go of the idea that we need to change things to be happy, for our lives to be perfect.

To me, this sounds a whole lot like the practice of mindfulness and living in the moment, being present that is practiced by several religions and non-religious spiritual practices. The following sentence could be something written in any Buddhist or Hindu script.

“If a light is suddenly turned on while someone is dreaming a fearful dream, he may initially interpret the light itself as part of his dream and be afraid of it. However, when he awakens, the light is correctly perceived as the release from the dream, which is then lo longer accorded reality. This release does not depend on illusions. The knowledge that illuminates not only sets you free, but also shows you clearly that you are free.”

Finally, we are reminded that the purpose of miracles is to help us wake up to the atonement. There is no stratification of miracles, none have a larger magnitude than another. We already know that Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude are miracles and part of the atonement.

Disease, or illness is nothing more than some sort of external search for perfection or peace. Health is the realization that inner peace is found inside and will cure all illness which results from the idea that we are somehow lacking something outside ourselves.

“Health is inner peace. It enables you to remain unshaken by lack of love from without and capable, through your acceptance of miracles, of correcting the conditions proceeding from lack of love in others.

When we learn to recognize the healing attributes of forgiveness, love and gratitude, we become immune to the ill actions of others.


One thought on “Origins of Separation

  1. Another beautiful message-You have discernment and are a wonderful teacher-thank you, I really needed this, This is exactly what I have been working on-the concept all is well and as it ought to be. Fear, I think is such a factor, in our lives, though we call it other things.

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