VII, Distortions of Miracle Impulses

This post is a part of a series entitled: Reflections from a Course in Miracles.

Because our perceptions are distorted, we do not have the impulse to perform miracles.

We were created to perform miracles because miracles are the way we express our true nature.

“All real pleasure comes from doing God’s Will. This is because not doing it is a denial of self.”

In using our bodies to perform miracles, we expand our vision of the miraculous. When we perform miracles, we grow our sphere of influence.

We are reminded once again that miracles are not cause for awe, because ordinary man creates miracles and you should never be in awe of your equal. This tells us that we should not worship those who perform miracles (priests, ministers, monks) because they are equal to us in the eyes of God.

A Course in Miracles is mind training. All new skills require time and attention, study and practice. The first chapter closes by reminding us that we should not be afraid and the more we study ACIM, the less fear we will have. So as we begin to look at the next chapter, let us practice in the miracles we have learned here: Forgiveness and Gratitude. Let us practice forgiving others for their mistakes and let us be grateful for the abundance in our lives. Fear is an illusion and Lack of abundance is illusion and by practicing Forgiveness and Gratitude, we are performing miracles which will in turn, attract for us both more miracles and more opportunities to perform miracles.


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