Turning Dead Ends Into Doorways

I’ve spoken before about life changing books, I found it necessary to talk about this one and remiss for not having done so before. I first read this book a year ago, actually this blog probably never would have existed without this book. This book pulled me out of my long standing depression and made me start engaging in my own life again. Reading through this book again recently, I realize just how far my views have come since first reading this over a year ago and reading again has brought me even greater insight into the gifts of this book.

This book served as a beacon for me, lulling me out of the darkness in which I hid myself from the world. Staci taught me that I was defining myself by my depression and it held me down like an anchor to my past.

Staci was the first to convince me that I actually did have choices in my life and I could choose to let go to my victim roles. This is an idea I would revisit in Warrior Goddess Training and one I had visited many times in my past. It was Staci’s words that made me see the cycles and the ways lessons I did not quite get right before had come back to revisit me again until I valued the lesson that was presented.

As usual, I allow Staci to tell you about the philosophy behind her book, using her own words from the book.

“I offer a different kind of spirituality. A Spirituality that moves underneath positive or negative circumstances to help individuals develop the inner resources  they can access any time. A spirituality that applauds fiery questioning. A spirituality that cultivates personal truth to grow authenticity. A spirituality that forgives mistakes in order to learn. A spirituality that shows people how to trust and have faith even when what they think, believe, or sometimes experience makes no sense. Ultimately, facilitating exploration becomes a doorway for people to awaken consciousness and discover their own spiritual connection.”

“For me, the definition of spiritual does not necessitate a belief in GOd but does include a hunger for meaning: an urge to connect with something bigger than ourselves, which can happen through art, work, dance, prayer, cooking, conversation, mediation, parenting, hugging trees or practicing gratitude. ”

“I connect practical with the spiritual to help people find a point of balance between reality and the unknown mystery. Practical Spirituality holds that healing is journey as much as a destination”

Turning Dead Ends Into Doorways – Staci Boden

This is one of those books that will be ear-marked and highlighted and visited over and over again. This is one of those undervalued resources you should add to your library right away! Do Not miss out on the gifts of this precious read!


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