The fly on the table


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I heard a fly buzzing by my bedside table today, it was annoying me, thinking of where it’s dirty little fly legs had been and what it was touching now. Had he just come from the litter box? Had he buzzed around in my kitchen with his filthy legs? My skin crawled. I tried to ignore it, get on with what I was doing. But it continued buzzing, incessantly. I looked over to find it struggling on its back, its little legs flailing away as it tried to set itself right-side-up. A few times, it succeeded only to walk a few steps and then fall on its back again. I watched him for a few minutes and contemplated if I should take him out of his misery. Is it more humane to squish him or let him continue to flail away until he finally gives up or dies of starvation or something? He kept buzzing.. was he screaming? Was he crying for help? Buzz… Buzz… flailing, buzzing.. Ugh… what should I do?  If all beings are equal, does my wanting a clean table negate his need for food or whatever it is his fly soul needs? Buzz.. Buzz.. do I take him out of his misery? He disgusts me anyway! It could be a win-win situation! Maybe its a girl fly and  pregnant, wanting to lay its little maggot babies somewhere near my trash can or some unknown sticky spill the kids have covered up somewhere? Survival of the fittest, right? I am smarter & stronger and he is hurt and weak, he is capable of carrying and transmitting diseases in humans.. he must die! But he is hurt.. is that fair? Can we co-exist in these same four walls, this is my space! He is filthy, and enemy to the human race, in order to evolve, we must wipe out disease, he must die! But, it is a living thing, it is cruel to kill him. Or is it, he is crying, buzzing, screaming, buzzing.. what do I do? What would you do?


If you enjoyed reading this little ethical-moral dilemma, read this article for even more layers of evolutionary things to consider.


4 thoughts on “The fly on the table

  1. This from Orkin: The housefly’s brief life cycle allows them to multiply quickly if left uncontrolled. Houseflies are known to carry over 100 diseases, including tuberculosis and cholera. They transmit diseases both by feeding and by carrying pathogens on their feet and mouths. They live for 10 to 30 days. Then again, humans can obliterate an entire city with one bomb. Hmm….


  2. I give flies 3 chances 🙂 I open the door and try and shoo them out. I tell them if they don’t get out after I shoo them out 3 times their number is up. If they stick around inside I kill them with the fly swat. It’s amazing how many actually leave when I give the a warning. I agree with Eric. They multiply fast and they spread diseases.


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