The Angels and Demons among us



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I like to think each generation has it’s Saints. Perhaps when times were simpler and our minds not so preoccupied, they actually did move water. They found their truths in burning bushes and under bodhi trees. The messages are always the same. We find the messages in art and music and fiction and history. We may label them different things; Religion, Philosophy, Stoicism, Poetry, Literary Masterpieces, Art.

Collectively, they are the classics;the books, the movies, the Sistine Chapel, the Academy Award winning films. They transcend time and re-invent themselves with each generation. If we pay attention to the classics, we can see a common theme. They transcend race and religion and partisan lines.

They are the story within a story. The ability to entertain while subliminally providing a deeper sense of meaning, a common message.They stand for a common lesson; one of peace and love and unity, higher morals, integrity and self-discipline.

In this world of so many distractions, it is easy to get lost. I enjoy being entertained. I have described it as a way to turn off my mind. I have watched ridiculous reality TV shows for my own entertainment. They actually make me feel better about myself sometimes. We see stupidity on the television and we watch Jerry Springer and think “man, my life isn’t so bad” or we think if “Kanye can do it, so can I” we have allowed ourselves to become comfortably numb.

The great entertainment is out there, but we tend to run away from things that make us look in the mirror and face the harshness of our own personal truths. The Ego is such a powerful force, it is Darth Vader, the Devil, The Wicked Witch, The darkness, Evil the fire inside us all, The desire to want more and more and more that we lose sight of the fact we have stepped on other people to get whatever it is we want more of; power, money, love, attention, fame.

Regardless of the Religious text, Classic novel, Fable or Disney Movie you get your morals from, essentially, the morals are all the same, Be humble, Be kind, Be generous, Choose Peace and Love.

We can choose what messages we surround ourselves in or we can continue to be a “flock” of “sheep” following the messages that continue to tell us its okay to blame everyone else for our lives. As soon as we label ourselves victims, we give away our power, yet we cling to messages of mediocrity and victim-hood.

The problems of the world cannot be blamed on Religion, Race, Sexual Orientation, Guns or any other political or socioeconomic  issue we try to blame it on. Each of us holds the problems of the world in our own hands. Whenever we choose the Ego over the collective consciousness of the human race, we are choosing the dark side. Whenever we turn our back on wrong, cheat to get ahead, lie to get ahead, steel to get ahead, claim attention to ourselves to get ahead, ignore homelessness and genocide, we are choosing the wrong path. If each of us makes correct choices we can change the world.

If our heroes are Saints, are we really contemplating the messages we are reading? hypocrisy lives on both sides of the fence. Even thieves and gang bangers have a moral code. Are we choosing to study hard and educate ourselves out of our station or do we become victims to it? Do we idolize those that perpetuate our victim-hood or those who show us how to transcend it?

On the other hand, do we constantly expect other people to lift of us. You know the saying “God helps those who helps themselves.” or how about “Luck is what happens when preparedness and opportunities meet.” It does not matter if you get your devotional from quotes, fables, mythology or other religious text, every journey begins with the first step and the first step is the road less traveled, the one within. We have to quit judging others and holding ourselves accountable to ourselves. Let’s all start with the man in the mirror and truly make this world a better place, take a look at ourselves and make that change! (Even music has it’s messengers).

No matter we call it Angels, Guides, Nature, Saints, Guides, Yogi, Medicine Man, Wizard  Aliens, Enlightened Souls, Shaman, witches, gifted, there are enlightened souls around us. We like their quotes, we wait in line for their books, we flock to their concerts or we visit them on Sunday. We listen when they speak, because their message resonates within us. They inspire us to be better people, they inspire us to help others. They also inspire us to look within for all the answers. It is the path of light and beauty and love and sharing.

On the other side; we have egomaniacal celebrities who are more concerned with self-image than doing right in the world. They often talk a big game, contribute for their own benefit and do nothing out of selflessness. We idolize gifted athletes who can’t talk their way out of paper bag and yet pay our educators barely enough to get by. We have choices! We learn by those we watch. Should we keep idealizing egomaniacal people who think it is okay to act like idiots in public or respectable people, making a difference in their world. Are they actually doing things to change the world for the better or making it all about themselves? Do they preach one thing for the commoner while doing something entirely different for themselves? Do they step on other people to get where they are? Do they abuse power? Do they hurt others? Do they lie? Cheat and steal? Do they teach us good morals? The devil is out there, everywhere, the darkness, the badness that resides within us all.

We have access to more and more information than ever before! With the touch of a button we can be reading Ernest Hemingway or watching some guys hit themselves in the balls with a skateboard. We can watch whatever agenda we want to watch. We can jump on any bandwagon that suits us. We can educate ourselves or distract ourselves. I choose to be enlightened.Both Angels and Demons are among us. What do you choose?



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