Spontaneous Meditation



We all know by now the benefits of meditation, or have at least heard how good it can be for you. Fewer have actually tried meditation, with any level of discipline. It’s kind of like a muscle, the more you “practice,” the easier it gets and the more benefits you get from the practice itself.

Recently, I experienced  spontaneous meditative state, or at least that’s how it felt. I was relaxing in my hammock, watching the sunset. Having recently spent an entire day in and out of deep meditation, I actually had no intention to meditate. I slipped my earphones on and turned on some classical music. A horn blared and it startled me. I looked down at my phone to realize it had been nearly 30 minutes. I wasn’t asleep but I drifted off into meditation without even trying, intending to or thinking about it.

In contemplating the perfect storm that caused such a beautiful experience, I realized there were several factors at play for me. Given it was my usual time of day for meditation and in one of my favorite places to meditate, the routine certainly set me up for this experience. Additionally, the intese day of gong baths, yoga nidra, chakra cleansing and Tibetan toning this past weekend certainly could have primed my system for it. The music also certainly played a part. My soul delights in the complicated beauty that weaves in and out of a classical composition. My mind follows one instrument, my heart, another and my soul another still. Weaving beautiful notes my mind is so busy trying to keep up with the intricacies of the notes, I have no time for thought. Noise cancelling headphones the canvas for the work of art that lulled me into meditation. I begin feeling the energy of the sounds vibrate through my cells.

Certainly, it was a combination of all the above. Regardless, the experience restored and rejuvinated me and later that night, sleep came easily and was deep and sound.

Surely, this is another sign of awakening 😉

Have you ever had a spontaneous meditative experience? I would love to hear about it! Was there a routine involved or what it out of nowhere?


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