Be like water, my friend

Drop of water

Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The human body is composed of at least 60% water, depending on age, weight and other factors. Water surrounds us, it is within us.  It has no shape, it is flexible, it flows where it desires and moves around or through or even over the immovable even wearing down that which tries to contain it or block its intended path.


Nothing is weaker than water,
But when it attacks something hard
Or resistant, then nothing withstands it,
And nothing will alter its way.

–  Tao Te Ching

Water cannot be broken, it is impossible to grasp, it can not be injured. It has no shape, yet adapts itself to whatever tries to contain it, remaining steadfast in its movement, ever changing, ever adapting, evolving, assimilating.


In the water of our mother’s womb we become life. 60% or more of the human body is water. Water sustains life.

Water flows freely and has no shape yet has the ability to adapt to the shape of that which surrounds it.


When we try to control everything in our lives, we become rigid. When we begin to see the true nature of all that is, and let go of control, like water, we flow freely. When we think of ourselves more like water, we are able to flow with the circumstances, adaptable, ever changing form to meet our own needs and to take shape of the receptacle which keeps us contained.

When we learn to flow with whatever life throws our way, we adapt and overcome. We can carve the mountains into valleys to suit our soul’s desires. Still, we are always moving, changing, flowing, adapting.

Water can not be broken; if we are like water, then we can not be broken either.



Cultivating Patience and Self-Discipline




A few weeks ago, at work, I had an experience that made me realize I need to slow down and think before I answer sometimes. Forgive the medical terminology, but my mind seems to work in triage mode. I take in new information, process it and reply almost immediately. This isn’t always a bad thing, particularly when I am working in a disaster management type of capacity. But on this particular day, that was not the case, it was just another ordinary day and I responded to the post question quite abruptly and quite possibly a little rudely, only to end up retracting my outburst after I had a little bit more time to process.

My daily meditation routine has brought me the ability to see my flaws better than ever, although the vision isn’t always as timely as I may like.

Realizing how unreasonable I had been, I asked my staff to not respond immediately to my own knee-jerk reaction, but to wait until I have had a few minutes of time to calm down and think it through and give them a final answer.

Then again, that wasn’t really a fair request either. I need more self-control, I need to self regulate. I need to learn to slow down, think my response through before reacting and then respond, which allows for a much less abrupt conversation. Taking that extra time does not make me less intelligent or less on top of things. In actuality, slowing down, looking at all sides of the problem and waiting to respond until after I have processed my own emotions, allows me to respond with much greater grace and dignity than the childish outburst I perceived coming from my mouth that day.

It is a journey, I am far from perfect. I am hoping that recognition of the problem is truly the first step to fixing. I have identified a few places that can use some more self-regulation and self-discipline since the initial incident. So perhaps acknowledging there is a problem truly is half the battle.

Now, I take time to breath, count to ten ( I know it is so cliché, but it really does work for me) and then check in with myself to see if I am responding on an intellectual level or an emotional one.  If I am still feeling emotional about the topic, I am asking for a few minutes to collect my thoughts. My children have noticed a difference too, as my home tends to be the incubator of new ideas. Today, my intention is cultivating patience and the ability to take a step back and get my feelings in check before responding. I think this will make me more graceful and diplomatic in my conversations with people. Since communication can make or break any relationship business or otherwise, I think I will stick with this intention for a little while and let it simmer. Patience after all is not about waiting, but how you act while you wait!

Have you had an experience with practicing self-regulation and discipline? I would love to hear from you!

The fly on the table


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I heard a fly buzzing by my bedside table today, it was annoying me, thinking of where it’s dirty little fly legs had been and what it was touching now. Had he just come from the litter box? Had he buzzed around in my kitchen with his filthy legs? My skin crawled. I tried to ignore it, get on with what I was doing. But it continued buzzing, incessantly. I looked over to find it struggling on its back, its little legs flailing away as it tried to set itself right-side-up. A few times, it succeeded only to walk a few steps and then fall on its back again. I watched him for a few minutes and contemplated if I should take him out of his misery. Is it more humane to squish him or let him continue to flail away until he finally gives up or dies of starvation or something? He kept buzzing.. was he screaming? Was he crying for help? Buzz… Buzz… flailing, buzzing.. Ugh… what should I do?  If all beings are equal, does my wanting a clean table negate his need for food or whatever it is his fly soul needs? Buzz.. Buzz.. do I take him out of his misery? He disgusts me anyway! It could be a win-win situation! Maybe its a girl fly and  pregnant, wanting to lay its little maggot babies somewhere near my trash can or some unknown sticky spill the kids have covered up somewhere? Survival of the fittest, right? I am smarter & stronger and he is hurt and weak, he is capable of carrying and transmitting diseases in humans.. he must die! But he is hurt.. is that fair? Can we co-exist in these same four walls, this is my space! He is filthy, and enemy to the human race, in order to evolve, we must wipe out disease, he must die! But, it is a living thing, it is cruel to kill him. Or is it, he is crying, buzzing, screaming, buzzing.. what do I do? What would you do?


If you enjoyed reading this little ethical-moral dilemma, read this article for even more layers of evolutionary things to consider.

The Angels and Demons among us



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I like to think each generation has it’s Saints. Perhaps when times were simpler and our minds not so preoccupied, they actually did move water. They found their truths in burning bushes and under bodhi trees. The messages are always the same. We find the messages in art and music and fiction and history. We may label them different things; Religion, Philosophy, Stoicism, Poetry, Literary Masterpieces, Art.

Collectively, they are the classics;the books, the movies, the Sistine Chapel, the Academy Award winning films. They transcend time and re-invent themselves with each generation. If we pay attention to the classics, we can see a common theme. They transcend race and religion and partisan lines.

They are the story within a story. The ability to entertain while subliminally providing a deeper sense of meaning, a common message.They stand for a common lesson; one of peace and love and unity, higher morals, integrity and self-discipline.

In this world of so many distractions, it is easy to get lost. I enjoy being entertained. I have described it as a way to turn off my mind. I have watched ridiculous reality TV shows for my own entertainment. They actually make me feel better about myself sometimes. We see stupidity on the television and we watch Jerry Springer and think “man, my life isn’t so bad” or we think if “Kanye can do it, so can I” we have allowed ourselves to become comfortably numb.

The great entertainment is out there, but we tend to run away from things that make us look in the mirror and face the harshness of our own personal truths. The Ego is such a powerful force, it is Darth Vader, the Devil, The Wicked Witch, The darkness, Evil the fire inside us all, The desire to want more and more and more that we lose sight of the fact we have stepped on other people to get whatever it is we want more of; power, money, love, attention, fame.

Regardless of the Religious text, Classic novel, Fable or Disney Movie you get your morals from, essentially, the morals are all the same, Be humble, Be kind, Be generous, Choose Peace and Love.

We can choose what messages we surround ourselves in or we can continue to be a “flock” of “sheep” following the messages that continue to tell us its okay to blame everyone else for our lives. As soon as we label ourselves victims, we give away our power, yet we cling to messages of mediocrity and victim-hood.

The problems of the world cannot be blamed on Religion, Race, Sexual Orientation, Guns or any other political or socioeconomic  issue we try to blame it on. Each of us holds the problems of the world in our own hands. Whenever we choose the Ego over the collective consciousness of the human race, we are choosing the dark side. Whenever we turn our back on wrong, cheat to get ahead, lie to get ahead, steel to get ahead, claim attention to ourselves to get ahead, ignore homelessness and genocide, we are choosing the wrong path. If each of us makes correct choices we can change the world.

If our heroes are Saints, are we really contemplating the messages we are reading? hypocrisy lives on both sides of the fence. Even thieves and gang bangers have a moral code. Are we choosing to study hard and educate ourselves out of our station or do we become victims to it? Do we idolize those that perpetuate our victim-hood or those who show us how to transcend it?

On the other hand, do we constantly expect other people to lift of us. You know the saying “God helps those who helps themselves.” or how about “Luck is what happens when preparedness and opportunities meet.” It does not matter if you get your devotional from quotes, fables, mythology or other religious text, every journey begins with the first step and the first step is the road less traveled, the one within. We have to quit judging others and holding ourselves accountable to ourselves. Let’s all start with the man in the mirror and truly make this world a better place, take a look at ourselves and make that change! (Even music has it’s messengers).

No matter we call it Angels, Guides, Nature, Saints, Guides, Yogi, Medicine Man, Wizard  Aliens, Enlightened Souls, Shaman, witches, gifted, there are enlightened souls around us. We like their quotes, we wait in line for their books, we flock to their concerts or we visit them on Sunday. We listen when they speak, because their message resonates within us. They inspire us to be better people, they inspire us to help others. They also inspire us to look within for all the answers. It is the path of light and beauty and love and sharing.

On the other side; we have egomaniacal celebrities who are more concerned with self-image than doing right in the world. They often talk a big game, contribute for their own benefit and do nothing out of selflessness. We idolize gifted athletes who can’t talk their way out of paper bag and yet pay our educators barely enough to get by. We have choices! We learn by those we watch. Should we keep idealizing egomaniacal people who think it is okay to act like idiots in public or respectable people, making a difference in their world. Are they actually doing things to change the world for the better or making it all about themselves? Do they preach one thing for the commoner while doing something entirely different for themselves? Do they step on other people to get where they are? Do they abuse power? Do they hurt others? Do they lie? Cheat and steal? Do they teach us good morals? The devil is out there, everywhere, the darkness, the badness that resides within us all.

We have access to more and more information than ever before! With the touch of a button we can be reading Ernest Hemingway or watching some guys hit themselves in the balls with a skateboard. We can watch whatever agenda we want to watch. We can jump on any bandwagon that suits us. We can educate ourselves or distract ourselves. I choose to be enlightened.Both Angels and Demons are among us. What do you choose?


Spontaneous Meditation



We all know by now the benefits of meditation, or have at least heard how good it can be for you. Fewer have actually tried meditation, with any level of discipline. It’s kind of like a muscle, the more you “practice,” the easier it gets and the more benefits you get from the practice itself.

Recently, I experienced  spontaneous meditative state, or at least that’s how it felt. I was relaxing in my hammock, watching the sunset. Having recently spent an entire day in and out of deep meditation, I actually had no intention to meditate. I slipped my earphones on and turned on some classical music. A horn blared and it startled me. I looked down at my phone to realize it had been nearly 30 minutes. I wasn’t asleep but I drifted off into meditation without even trying, intending to or thinking about it.

In contemplating the perfect storm that caused such a beautiful experience, I realized there were several factors at play for me. Given it was my usual time of day for meditation and in one of my favorite places to meditate, the routine certainly set me up for this experience. Additionally, the intese day of gong baths, yoga nidra, chakra cleansing and Tibetan toning this past weekend certainly could have primed my system for it. The music also certainly played a part. My soul delights in the complicated beauty that weaves in and out of a classical composition. My mind follows one instrument, my heart, another and my soul another still. Weaving beautiful notes my mind is so busy trying to keep up with the intricacies of the notes, I have no time for thought. Noise cancelling headphones the canvas for the work of art that lulled me into meditation. I begin feeling the energy of the sounds vibrate through my cells.

Certainly, it was a combination of all the above. Regardless, the experience restored and rejuvinated me and later that night, sleep came easily and was deep and sound.

Surely, this is another sign of awakening 😉

Have you ever had a spontaneous meditative experience? I would love to hear about it! Was there a routine involved or what it out of nowhere?

Spiritual lessons in the Wizard of Oz


As my spirit awakens, I see synchronicity everywhere. I also see all the enlightened people who tried to deliver the messages of awakening withing their art. I see common themes in these messages, Integrity, Love, Peace and common morals. One place I recently recognized one such spiritual journey, the movie the book from which the movie was derived: The Wizard of Oz.

From a spiritual perspective, the movie is fascinating, with messages as powerful as those in any book of faith. The potential hidden lessons in this timeless classic abound!

In one of the earliest scenes, Dorothy lulls us into a fantastic place on the other side of the rainbow, where life is beautiful and problems no longer exist. Her longing symbolizes the desire we all have for something more, something better, to be happier.



The entire second half of the movie takes us on Dorothy’s spiritual journey, a quest for home, which we find was within her all along. Upon her journey, she encounters others on thier own individual quests: one for wisdon, one for courage and one for love.


During the tornado, we watch out the window, which could be a symbol of vision, part of Dorothy’s journey. Reality literally clunks her on the head. We see the people she loves fly past and we see the wicked witch ride by on her bike as Dorothy performs her own moral inventory. This is symbollic of that often rock-bottom, catastrophic circumstance that many of us find ourselves in, at the beginning of our awakening and personal inventory.

As Dorothy opens the door after the storm, thanks to technology advancements at the time the movie was produced and symbollic of awakening itself, she enters the colorful, magical world of the munchkins. Dorothy encounters numerous teachers in spiritual form, as Glenda the good witch and

Glenda, the good witch (spirit, angel, guide) guides Dorothy through her first moral lesson as she explains that only bad witches are ugly. Perhaps symbollic of our moral obligation to be cognizant of our own stereotypes.

The munchkins perhaps symbolize  childlike purity. They celebrate the death of something evil (the wicked witch.) They express gratitude for the miracle of their independence because they are no longer repressed by the evil witch. They dance and sing and parade about celebrating, commemorating Dorothy in the Munchkinland Hall of Fame for her percieved bravery.

The witches green face reminds me of the jealousy and envy we each possess.

The ruby slippers are symbolic of the external places in which we place our Faith and our Personal Power. Dorothy realizes this at the end, when she realizes the slippers were not the source of her power.

Glinda sends Dorothy down the yellow brick road, telling her to take just one step at a time. Just follow the path as it unfolds. Never let go of your personal power (the red slippers), The Powerful Mr. Oz is where Dorothy will find her answers. Dorothy must do the work and find her way on her own, Glinda cannot reveal everything yet, Dorothy must continue on her journey.Glinda could be representative of DOrothy’s inner guidance, she always shows up, just when she is needed to provide a lesson. She is also the only charachter who is not represented in the Home dimension, thus suggesting an ethereal quality.




Off Dorothy goes to see the magical wizard who can give her a way home. She comes across her rag tag band of companions, each looking for their own magic. I think the wizard symbolizes religion, the external place we seek our answers. Or perhaps the charlitans who presume to be the way to salvation.

THroughout the journey, DOrothy and her friends selflessly assist one another, each ones strength filling the void of anothers need.



Dorothy asks Glinda, the Good Witch, “Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?”

“You don’t need to be helped any longer,” A smiling Glinda answers. “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.”

“I have?”

“Then why didn’t you tell her before?” Scarecrow demands.

“Because she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.”

The Tin Man leans forward and asks, “What have you learned, Dorothy?”

“Well, I . . . I think that is . . . that it wasn’t enough just to want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em . . . and that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn’t here, I never really lost it to begin with.”

When the gang arrives at the Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends are told that “Noone gets to see the wizard”

I am also fascinating by the folks in the Land of Oz, they seem to have a higher station then those in munchkin land.

They laugh and sing, tidying the guests, primping and pampering them to make them look pretty for the wizard.


The spiritual and moral lessons I found in this movie:

We all have the power to manifest the life of our dreams. Whatever it is we desire, lies just on the other side of fear. When we face our fears head on (Courage).

On the otherside of the storm, lies the rainbow. No matter what troubling times life may throw at us, we have the power within us to find our way home, if we only find the courage in ourselves.

The truth lies within all of us. Charlatains and mystics do not hold the answer. Shiny Emerald city, perhaps symbollic of the church is merely like worshipping false Gods, or seaking the answer in some shiny place outside ourselves. We will encounter many guides and teachers along the way, they can only guide us to our own answers. They cannot give the answers to us.

We often abdicate our own inner guidance and power to someone else who claims to be an expert. We become dependent on an external source of power or knowledge when we can only find our path ourselves. We assign responisbility for our spiritual wealth, physical and mental well being on others. It is only when we find it within ourselves that we find the answers we are seeking. Knowledge seems to come as a knowing rather than a learning or being taught. When we start listening to our inner compass, we simply know the answers to the questions we have. The answers lie within, if we only listen.

The obstacle is the way. Fear is our biggest, darkest enemy. When we fear something, we allow it to block our progress. When we turn inside for strength, rather than to an external person, place or thing, we give our power over to them. When we try to avoid whatever it is we fear, we give fear our power.


Home is where the heart is. Our heart is the people we love. Often we take for granted the very people that anchor us at home. What we search for is often right in front of us.

So many powerful lessons in this work of art that I may have to revisit it again and again to find more.

A recent search of the internet found some others with similar messages from this movie. Some align with mine, others have turned me onto an even greater perspective of its symbology and meaning. I would love to hear from you! What do you think of this movie and its symbology?









Awakening through intuitive massage


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I recently found an excellent massage therapist. This is one of the things I hate most about my wanderlust, having to replace trusted friends and professionals in your life, in my new location.

It occurs to me more and more that I am in Hawaii for more than professional reasons, Hawaii has so much to offer me in terms of my spiritual journey.

A few weeks ago, I had my first session with Chiharu, my wonderfully intuitive masseuse. I made a last minute appointment, filling a no-show. The tension in my neck and shoulder blades becoming increasingly painful and more resistent to ice and motrin. I reported my somatic pain to her before she began. While working her magic finger across the skin of my back and neck, she asked me if I had any hip trouble. Ironically, it was chronic hip pain that led me to my first regular massage therapist, years ago. Chiharu was able to feel here way around my body, working out the kinks. She told me my shoulder pain was related to my hip. She continued working her magic. After my massage, I immediately booked another session in two weeks.

This time, I reported no pain at the beginning of my session. Chiharu began the session with my shoulder and neck, where I complained of pain the first time. She worked her way around my body, releasing tension as she went. I remained silent during most of the massage, contemplating, reflecting. Towards the end of the session, I asked Chiharu what my body was telling her. She told me she felt like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. She told me to release responsibility for my adult children. She told me it was time to start taking care of myself.

Spontaneously, the tears burned my eyes as I felt her words. Awareness flooded me; some repressed feelings I have been holding onto. Healing some old wounds.

I love finding myself in exactly the place I need to be in order for my journey to unfold when I am ready to receive it. I look forward to my next massage.

Have you ever had a session with a Reiki master, energy healer or intuitive massage therapist? I would love for your to share!

Signs of Awakening


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Lately, I’ve come to realize numerous shifts in my spiritual awareness. Oh, how I love the beauty of hindsight! Looking back over my 45 years, I can see how many times, I dipped my toe into the waters of awakening. I can see how my spiritual path has weaved itself. I can see how seemingly random parts of my life intertwine with each other. I am a born analyst, I have always love analyzing things, finding patterns, noting small differences, forever categorizing and sorting and solving. Naturally curious, I have always asked lots of questions. I have always been willing to try most anything once, just for the experience of it. As my life’s journey progressed, I have traveled around the country and met people from all walks of life. These experiences greatly changed my very limited, catholic, conservative perspective of the world. I asked questions when it wasn’t PC to ask. In my professional life, I have been bold, verbal, inquisitive, analytical. In my personal life, I have cowered in the face of fear. I have never felt confident enough to speak my personal truth. A very early fascination with psychology and sociology led me to pursue it as a career, only to leave the idea, presumably when I determined I didn’t want to do the work to heal my own wounds, let alone listen to anyone else’s problems. I continued to seek spiritual release, trying out different religions, attending different self-help meetings, reading books about personal success, management & organizational development.I dabbled in the occasional occult things like tarot cards, astrology, psychics. I was curious about martial arts, energy healing, essential oils, Ayurveda, feng shei, reiki and many other things. Personal life circumstances would occasionally creep into my professional life, sending me into a tail spin, seeking, searching, reading, experimenting… I would always do just enough of the work to start feeling better and then move on with my life, eventually losing all spiritual progress. Or maybe not, because all of the experiences and experimenting and studying and pain has led me to research more philosophy, theology, history, science. Always searching for something, destination unknown.

It would be easy to pass this discovery off as a midlife crisis, I suppose, but, I rather think all the signs are showing me an awakening. I have also come to the realization that I a meant to do something more meaningful with my life. I have been digging deeply through the filing cabinets of my life to find what it is that I am meant to do. Maybe it is writing, so I start a blog. Maybe it is teaching, I begin to consider a change of career. Today, I realize I just need to let it flow and the answer will reveal itself when it is ready. This flash of knowing comes through meditation. So does the instruction to pay attention as the path unfolds.

Recently, I read the book, “The obstacle is the way” and its message is so powerful, yet one I have been getting consistently throughout my life. Whatever it is I am avoiding or afraid of is the exact thing I need to do to make progress my life in a positive way. Whatever feeling, conversation or task I am trying to find my way out of, is actually the way to empowerment. It appears to be true that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. As I find my way in the journey and take small steps to do the work, I find it is never as difficult as I feared and the reward is always worth the effort. I can look back on my past and see how the lessons have revealed themselves and re-revealed themselves when I have failed to learn them.

I can also see my ability to take a step back and contemplate my reaction improve as my self-awareness grows. I am able to see patterns in my behavior and begin the steps of analyzing what I need most for further spiritual growth.

I am able to see how my ego takes over sometimes, how I am very selfish sometimes. Awareness helps me see a situation from the other person’s perspective. This grows my gratitude and empathy and at times, my sympathy, immensely.

I am also able to reflect on all the times in the past few weeks I have resorted to old patterns. This allows me to reflect on what it is I have been avoiding.I am able to see how “My way,” (Once a theme song for me) has led down a lonely path. I am able to see how my need to be loved has made me selfish and unloving, always giving to get and expecting grand expectations of love and friendship that I was unwilling to give of or to myself. I am also to see places in my life where I was loved and thought I was not, because it wasn’t on my terms or by my definition. I am able to see where in my life, I have destroyed relationships with my selfish kind of love. I can see the role I played in the valleys of my life, I have not been always been the victim I have told in my personal story. At least not completely.

In Al-anon, I would call this a fearless personal and moral inventory. It is not a pleasant task. Who wants to contemplate personal faults? Who really wants to hold themselves accountable? I am able to see each time in my life where I hit the wall of stalled progress as soon as it came time to work. Relief could have been found just on the other side of the curtain I was avoiding.

When I put it all on paper, I feel overwhelmed at all the signs of progress I am making. It gives me comfort and helps me to know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. On this road less traveled.

I would love for you to share your experiences. Let’s live and learn together.


My first Gong Bath experience


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day at a Relaxation and rejuvenation retreat. The day was filled with yoga nidra, yoga, gong therapy, chef-prepared, fresh vegan meals, zeta therapy, Tibetan toning and wonderful fellowship in a beautiful home overlooking Honolulu.


My first gong bath was interesting. The gongs were played beautifully, I felt my energy rising immediately, almost unnaturally. I was expecting to be in a meditative state and surprised by my body wanting to move. I had a nervous twitch in my legs and I actually felt like I wanted to dance, not rest and certainly not meditate. As the gongs echoed through the room, I felt their energy weave itself through the cells in my body but my mind continued to race, rather than rest. I heard the birds outside responding to the gongs. Again, I tried to refocus my attention on the sounds, or my breathing but the harder I tried to concentrate, or not concentrate, the harder it was to focus.

Towards the end of the first session, they started walking around the room with what appeared to be and sounded similar to wind chimes, but different. I knew this meant the gong bath was almost over and I felt disappointed because it had not worked for me. I felt as though I had resisted meditation the entire time, missed out on the potential to heal somehow.

After the session, I journaled about my perceived resistance as well as the thoughts that had been racing through my mind, realizing these were likely unresolved issues I need to address.

Later, at dusk, we had another gong bath. I made sure to be nice and comfortable this time, I didn’t want any comfort distractions keeping me from the deep meditative state I was looking for. For this session, I was in a different space in the room. This enabled me to actually feel the gong vibrations above me, below me, within me. I focused on the multi-dimensional, beautiful sounds. The melancholy vibrations filled the room. I felt them vibrate within me. Again, my legs began moving, wanting to dance. (a sensation similar to several times, when my antidepressant dosing was too high, but not as irritating, it was more like wanting to dance.) Again, I tried to quiet my mind, find the spaces in between the chatter. Again, as the gong vibrations made my mind and body dance, silence eluded me. Again, as the wind chime sounds began, I felt disappointed, as though I had failed.

This time, however, I noticed something different, something that actually happened both times but I did not notice right away. When the chimes began, signalling what I thought to be the end of the gong bath, I floated away… The chimes, for me actually signaled the beginning of the journey. My awareness drifted away until the voice of our guide signaled the end of the session. I am not yet sure how long that part lasted, I will ask the guides.

What I can tell you is that I literally felt the gongs vibrating the cells of my being. I did not meditate, my mind was brutally active during the gong session, however, the chimes at the end somehow sent me deep into a meditative space. When our gong players gentle voice called us back to reality, that is when I realized that I felt profoundly different. Somehow, the chimes primed me to receive the meditation that was to come at the end of the session. Somehow, I feel profoundly different and I am peeling layers of unbridled pain from my cellular level. My mental state, 24 hours later is different. I am feeling things I have not felt in a very long time. I am looking at myself with honesty, seeing issues that have been buried, that need to be addressed.


I do not know if the gongs are the reason for my shift in awareness, or the entire days experience just cleansed me, it is difficult to tell which part of the day had this impact on me. It could be the cumulative synergy of the days events combined to provide a cathartic cocoon, enabling me to move through some old crap.

Either way, I can’t shake the feeling, that just 24 hours later, something is shifting and I have the feeling, it’s only  just begun.


A special thanks to language of gong for putting on such an amazing day