Music’s impact on the soul


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Have you ever noticed how music affects your mood? We can enhance our mood and change it, just by listening to music. We set mood music all the time, using sing the phrase, “let me set the mood,” in concert with  (pun intended) putting on some tunes. The intent behind that is much deeper than lies on the surface.

When we are sad and we need a good cathartic cry, we play sad songs. When we are ready to move on from the tears, we listen to to empowering music. We have rally tunes and angry songs, uplifting classics and solemn hymns. Music moves us. The best tunes make us feel something. Lyrics nothing more than prose to enhance a mood, couple it with the perfect instrumental and we are moved to tears, anger, outrage, love.

But, it goes deeper,  it can describe the current of a culture, a nation, a world. Patriotic songs during times of national strife, politically charged musical demonstrations, a cry for peace.

Want insight into the minds of our youth? Listen to the underbelly message in their music. Is it one of love? Peace?war? Hatred?

What are we singing? Are we setting our own mood? Are we empowering ourselves or keeping ourselves down? Are we in love or lust? Do we respect ourselves, our women, our public servants? Are we perpetuating racism? Teaching our sons to dispect women? Are we teaching our daughters to twirk or get an education?

When I think through times in history and compare that to a musical history timeline, the music of a population can be very telling…

While driving home one day, I was listening to my “angry” Playlist, drumming on the steering wheel, strumming the chords of my occurred to me how much of an aggressive driver I had become. I realized I was particularly more aggressive that day, I was agitated and irritated. I don’t recall if I was having a particularly bad day. But, on a whim, I flipped to my beach Playlist, filled with happy, love life, chill out tunes. I literally felt my shoulders relax, my grip loosen and slowly, my mood change. I felt lighter, happier, more relaxed.

I have since tried this experiment over and over, changing moods, enhancing moods with the switch of a dial. It works every single time.

Imagine what impact we could have in our lives, in our world if we just paid attention to how we feed our minds.

What’s on your playlist?


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