Write your Sad times in the Sand


I love this idea, to write your sad times in the sand and your good times in stone.

How often do we do just the opposite? With red ink, we mark our lives with all the negativity, anger, sadness and we use pencil to mention the good things.

I was sitting on the beach yesterday when it occurred to me that I could write anything in the sand and watch it wash away with the tide.

I was angry, struggling with a difficult situation at work, ruminating over a problem at home, trying to meditate, but my mind was fighting against the quiet. I find anger and pain do not usually go away quietly for me, surely there must be a way to get it out and get on with my life.

So, I grabbed a stick and I wrote some rather nasty things my mind was looping over, like a scratched record. Just as I wrote them, a rogue wave washed them away… I visualized the salty wave cleansing my problem, taking it away from me, giving it to the universe to solve, it is now out of my hands.

Truth was, it has ALWAYS been out of my hands, but that little ritual on the beach somehow restored my ability to let it go, give it over to my version of a higher power.

I imagined the vastness of the ocean and the strength of the current, much more powerful than I. I imagined the ocean taking my problem from me and spitting back a solution with the next wave. It took a wave or two for the words to be completely gone from the sand, but, in a matter of moments, that small ritual made me feel better. Each wave, leaving less of my anger and pain behind for the world to see, until it was gone.

I fell into a fantastic meditation after letting go of the things that were occupying my mind. Such a simple ritual; writing down my negativities and imagining the powerful universe taking my problem from me; it made me feel lighter, it was easier to rest my mind.

Now I know the whole idea of meditation is to quiet the mind, but, what works for me in meditation is that when I stop trying to force the answers, the answers come to me… unprovoked. By freeing up my mind from the negative thoughts that prevailed, the solutions to my worries came effortlessly.

I think this will be part of my process from now on… writing my worries, my angers, my fears and my tears into the sand and letting the universe take them over, wash them away for me. I suppose the next step is just as important, “writing the good times in stone.” This comes with gratitude and practice and I will get to it, for now, I am just happy to see my problems wash away with the tide.

What do you do to quiet your mind?


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