My favorite spot

This is my favorite spot on the island right now, it’s a quiet public access spot that opens to a Sandy cliff overlooking the ocean. It’s in a residential spot, no big open beach area for many to gather upon, just a small shoreline immediately below the cliff.

I like it here because there are no crowds. I can sit quietly and watch the sunset, lulled into a tranquil meditation as the waves crest and crash, crest and crash.

The sun lingers here just a little bit longer, in Hawaii, the sunset seems just a little gentler than other places I have lived .

The roosters crow at sunset, I didn’t know that before, there cackle sounds like a chant to me, bidding adieu to the day before settling in

I sleep better on nights when I have spent the evening here, my melatonin synching perfectly, my body to the sun, my mind clear and rested, I drift into deep restful Rem, now waking until dawn

This is my place of reflection, my place to quiet my mind and reconnect to the earth as the waves, the sky and I, become one


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