Driving with my head out the window

I love watching dogs ride in cars. We just adopted a new dog and took her for a ride to the north shore to see if she likes the water.Her name is lulu.

I watched lulu hanging her head out the window. Like every other happy dog, her tongue wagging in the wind, She was excited by everything she saw, mesmerized by everything. I started thinking maybe, in some ways, dogs are more evolved than we are. Could man’s best friend be trying to teach us something?

Ever notice how dogs live in the moment? Like babies, they enjoy this moment, right here. They don’t worry about the past they don’t worry about the future they just want to live in this moment right here!

I think we often take for granted living in the moment. We walk around worrying about our to-do lists, or who’s thinking what about us, who were impressing who were not. We fret about our past wondering what could have been, we lose sight of this moment right here. We spend so much damn time in other places, lost in time, we lose sight of this this beautiful moment. We can make this moment whatever we choose we have the power to make this moment be anything.

Yet we lament about our pasts and fret about our futures, losing sight of the only time and space we actually have control over, this one.

Time is something we can’t get back, when the moment passes, it’s gone, we never get a second chance at this moment right here.

Watching Lulu hanging her head out the window, feeling the wind on her face, he paws, clinging to the window, her hind claws digging in my leg, I realize she is terrified, yet she continues..determined to drink every last drop from this moment. I decide to be more fearless, to work harder at being present. Life can change tomorrow, the past is gone, all we really have is this moment.

I opened my sun roof and stood on my car seat, hanging my torso out the roof, it feels exhilarating, scary, and yet amazing. I raise my hands above my head, unbundled my hair and for that moment, I just let loose, no worries, no frets, just sure bliss of enjoying the moment. It was spontaneous, it was amazing. I realized right then, life is too short, drink every drop of it, savor it, share it with someone special, but don’t waste any more of it wondering what could be. Get out there and make it what you want, just for this one moment, and then, I will worry about the next one when it comes.

Life is beautiful, hang your head out the window, kiss some frogs, dig your toes in the sand and enjoy it. You can never get back this moment, this one right here, make it count, make it a memory, do something you love, with someone you love. Laugh, cry, dance in the rain, just make it special, make it yours. Wag your tail, lap at the air, holler at nothing, just because you can.


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