Why men love dogs


Ever wonder why some men have such an incredible bond with their dog?

Here’s what I think:

Dogs are loyal. Loyalty is important to a man, it ranks right up there with respect. For that matter, a trained dog is very respectful to its owner.

The dog is appreciative , no matter what, pups are grateful for any amount of attention they get… they don’t complain, they don’t nag.

Dogs are ready in a moment’s notice. Ready to hit the beach, hop on a ride to nowhere, hike, run, hunt… they are just happy to be with their man.

They listen without judgement at least none that we see, they are always ready with a kiss to cheer, console or celebrate, always in tune with his moods.

Dogs are quick to forgive, fiercly protective, spontaneous, happy, eager, fun…sound familiar? ever read a guys online dating profile?

No pressure, just spontaneous fun, always happy, never judgemental, quiet, loyal, respectful, unconditional love…

Want to know how your gut will treat you? Pay attention to how he treats his dog! It’s likely that pup is giving him everything he wants in a mate  (okay, almost everything)… how does he treat his best friend? There may be clues to how he will treat you…


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