What if…


What if the bible and/or other religious texts were works of fiction in their time?

Many of us base our lives on the words of men, originally written in languages we no longer speak.

We judge others based on these stories written in a time none of us lived.

We pass off indigenous, earth based beliefs as archaic, yet we continue following guidelines written in stone

We think we know history because someone interpreted hieroglyphics and told us what it said.

We call people crazy, when they believe something different, we judge, we crucify, we burn them on the stake

All of this based on the writing of man, in a language we don’t speak, from a time we did not see in places that no longer exist

We preach tolerance, yet we judge

We preach love and yet we hate what is different. Many of the wars of this world were based on a difference of opinion, a different belief

Many have been murdered in the name of Christ, in the name of Mohammed yet neither “prophet” condoned violence

What if all modern regions are based on fiction…stories, fables, mythology

What if world War three broke out tomorrow and religious hatred destroys most of mankind?

What if a thousand years from now, a human came across a book, like Game of Thrones, for example , and they believe it to be a history book?


One thought on “What if…

  1. Exactly! Thank you for this!
    People talk BIG talk about the bible and God and helping others, being kind to others, posting their beliefs all over Social Media, and yet when a fellow FB friend speaks the truth of their life and their life’s real struggles, no one answers. No one is there to assist.
    One has to wonder nowadays if there is any truth at all today. It seems so many are so full of “**it!). Following those that are even more full of you know what!
    And let’s not forget about when someone actually does speak any truth, no cares to listen or believe them at all. They prefer to follow the crowd, despite no investigation into the genuiness of the truth.


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