No one remembers the pretty wallflowers


“Something funny happens upstairs when you are having too much dun living life to care about selling your finer points to the general public.”

This was the headline in someone’s online dating profile.  I don’t want to plagiarize him, so I will quote the profile commentary without giving him credit, because, I want him to have privacy.

“Ladies… I mean this with al of the sincerity in the world… please start doing all of those things you say you enjoy doing. Guys will sort you out pretty quick.. ex: you enjoy camping but don’t own a tent, a pack, stove or water filter. You don’t have an opinion on Easton Aluminum vs. Carbon vs. DAC Feather light, iso-butane vs. White steripen or MIOX-ish vs in-line straw filter vs. cartridge etc. etc.… Or you enjoy hiking but don’t know any of the trails, or enjoy surfing but don’t own a board and so forth. It makes me wonder if you’ve ever done something on your own.

Granted, camping is limited on this island, but this is Hawaii, you are safe! Get out there and live for a change!Go to Waikiki and rent a board, teach yourself how to surf in the company of 1,000 other people that are just as inexperienced and goofy as yourself. Open the internet and find fun trails to hike and camp at. Do your own research on equipment and buy some gear, deciding for yourself over time what’s solid and what’s a fad. Fumble with your equipment and laugh at yourself, learn how to field strip and fix it, get wet and cold, go diving and kill some fish, filet and cook them while watching a sunset, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, put yourself outside your comfort zone and have a few encounters with mother nature’s bad side as a result of your poor planning or even by chance. Do the dance and develop that relationship with Mother nature and with yourself. You’ll come out of it a stronger person and develop that self-confidence that comes from personal growth.

Women that have that fire for life have my attention, no one remembers the pretty wallflowers.”

Reading this profile was life altering for me.

What an honest, candid profile.

For me, this was synchronicity.


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