Writing Prompt: Darkness



– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #48. Word and Photo prompts, word was “darkness.” Top photo prompt by Patrick Jennings.

When you approach h the light for the first time, it is brilliant, the rays spray through the trees like brilliant fingers, beckoning you. Once inside the light, your skin glistens in the radiant warmth of the rays, your eyes take on a new sparkle as those brilliant rays dance across your face.

Once immersed in the light the warmth bathes you, your eyes adjust , everything around you takes on new features, not visible to you before. The leaves appear greener, the trunks appear more alive.

You look back from where you came and you realize you did not even know something was missing. You happily plodded away without knowing how different things are under the light.  The light expands your perspective, it grows your reality. Everything opens .

Before finding your way into the light, you did not even know you were living in darkness. The darkness was your reality. The darkness was so pervasive, consuming, comfortable.


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