The deepest shade of confidence- What is your story?

The real confidence is when you don’t lie to yourself anymore.

via The deepest shade of confidence — 5minoasis

I wanted to repost this one from 5minoasis because it is really such a deep and thought provoking post.

Do you have a story? We all have stories, stories about our life, stories about drama, stories about love, stories about pain.

Have you ever fudged a little of your story, to make yourself sound better, or maybe even just for dramatic effect?

I have, I have changed a little part of the story, to try and make myself look a little better, or maybe a little less stupid? I have fudged stories for dramatic effect. I have made shit up, who hasn’t?

As I begin to unravel my story though… Some of the details get fuzzy. Sometimes, I don’t even remember the whole truth anymore, because I told the sensationalized version too many times that it locked in my brain like the truth.

So, in response to this 5minoasis post, I agree, real confidence comes when you no longer lie to yourself. Besides the facts that we embelish or exaggerate, I think part of the difficulty in telling the truth to ourselves is also, admitting when we were wrong.

As I evaluate some of the darker, more negative periods of my own life, I am able to see now, where I was wrong. Maybe I said something wrong, maybe I did something wrong. Maybe all I did was ignore my gutt feeling (intuition). But, the truth is, for every one of my dark ages, there is a pivotal time, a moment of impact, when I was wrong.

Sometimes, admitting that I was wrong is a difficult pill to swallow. Sometimes admitting that I may have been the cause, at least on some level for my own suffering is a hurdle to accomplish.

Alas, this is my journey, in order to achieve true happiness, it is necessary to admit that I make mistakes. I don’t necessarily have to admit them to anyone else, but admitting them to myself, that is the true yard stick of my spiritual progression and a potentially painful, yet necessary part of my journey.

The biggest lie I’ve told myself is that I am incapable of accomplishing absolutely anything I set my mind to. I have proven myself wrong on this issue, time and again with my successes, yet my insecurity persists.

Facing the lies I tell myself is perhaps one of the most difficult parts in finding true happienss, but a necessary part. It is essential to begin the healing process to admit where we were wrong. In doing this… I lose my victim mentality. YES! I am not a victim! While admitting my faults is difficult, the potential rewards are many, because once I realize that I am not a victim, I then begin to open myself up to the possibility that I  have the power to change my circumstances. The power has been mine all along, I need only to stop lying to myself.


Do you lie to yourself? What lies do you tell yourself? Could releasing the lies free you to the possibility of clarity?


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