A new curriculum — Men’s Work

Contentment: Not wanting (what we don’t have). Ambition: Wanting (what we don’t have). According to the Buddha, when we want, we suffer. According to the Gita, do not think about the results of your actions. According to Jesus, we are not to think about our lives. According to the Stoics, we are not to pursue […]

via A new curriculum — Men’s Work

I was reading the Tao today at work and someone said, are you a Buddhist? “No,” I responded, “I am not religious at all.” “But you are reading the Tao?” He asked. “Yes, while I am not religious, I am very spiritual and I am seeking and I am interested in many things,” I responded. “I like many of the Buddhist philosphies, such as the theory on attachment among others (I listed a few other things at this point). “What do you mean by attachment? he asked.

Tonight, I came across this post on Men’s Work.

It says it all. I love synchronicity!



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