Writing Prompt: Would you like to be immortal?

I enjoy writing prompts, mostly because I love writing and I love puzzles. I love analyzing and writing prompts give me the opportunity to solve a puzzle, if you will, find a way to turn a writing prompt into a topic that fits the intent of my writing.

While the question: Would you like to be immortal? May not seem like a natural fit for a blog about freeing your soul, the prompt immediately made me think… we are already immortal.

I believe our souls are immortal. I believe that each cell of our body has lived another life. Just as the earth passes through seasons and eras, constantly regenerating itself, constantly changing, constantly destroying and regenerating, evolving, so do the cells of our body.

Our bodies are just a collection of molecules, as is the earth. Our souls are the only part of us that never cease to exist. This body, this current collection of molecules has a mortal space on the planet, only here for a finite amount of time, but our souls… they are permanent. The only permanent part of our existence. I believe our souls are immortal.

So, no, I would not like this body to be immortal, the cells of my bodily organism have have already started to age, evolution has not yet provided for life over an average of 70 years or so. My existence on this earth is impermanent.

I have come to understand that suffering is the result of attachment. Each time I choose to be attached to something, or choose the ego, over love, I find suffering. It could come in the form of pain, anger, rage, depression, but it is all suffering just the same.

Buddhists believe that once we learn to let go of all attachments, we become enlightened. With that thought in mind, I would not want immortality in this form, in this disposable body. I would not choose to suffer any longer than necessary through all the ailments this body will bring, as it reaches its winter and starts to fail me. I do choose to live each and every moment of this life recognizing that this body and this form, this life I am living is impermanent.  I choose to recognize happiness and joy in its many forms and experience this life for every drop of change and evolution it offers.

No, I do not choose to be immortal, not in this body, in this form. But I do trust that my soul is immortal and that ceasing to exist as this collection of molecules does not end the journey of my soul, which will regenerate and create itself anew, like the sands of time, forever evolving, creating, destroying.

What do you believe?


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Would you like to be immortal?

  1. I don’t have a strong belief about whether this ‘soul’ is immortal. I am keeping an open and curious mind about this topic and all topics. The best answer I can think of is; don’t know.
    Great thought provoking post. Thanks.


    • Thanks for the writing prompt. I too keep an open and curious mind. I am not religious, but I have come to a place where I can feel my spirituality start to grow and I just feel like I know the truth when I hear it. Thanks for reading my take on your writing prompt!

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  2. All that is true in this world is surely ongoing. The delusion of our bodies, of the physical are what must eventually break down over time. The soul, the energy, the love, those are the components of an individual that live on; these things are eternal in all of life.


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