True Happiness-Blissful Timelessness



I chose to do this writing prompt tonight because it is so closely tied to what I believe and what I am passionate about. This writing prompt is to write about a time in your life you were truly happy.

I believe moments of pure happiness happen when our soul unites perfectly with our thoughts, feelings and actions.  I call these moments blissful timelessness, when I completely lose myself in the moment, I am completely present and congruent. Sometimes it happens when I am spending quality time with my family. Sometimes, it is when I am enjoying a hobby. Sometimes, it is when I am with someone I love and care about, just goofing around, talking, sharing thoughts and dreams.

Blissful timelessness is true happiness, when I am able to be completely present, in the moment, nothing in the past matters, nothing in the future matters, the only thing that matters is this moment, right here and now.

I think of blissful timelessness as a moment of pure joy, true happiness and I think it is a gift, a road map. When we are able to be completely in the moment, we are honoring the essence of who we are, we are honoring our soul, honoring our purpose. Each moment that I am completely present, I know that I am on the right path, I am living my purpose, I am pursuing a dream. When the past is irrelevant and I am not concerned with the future, I am happy, pure happiness, pure joy.

I am able to string these moments together now to find my calling, to understand what my soul wants out of this human life. I am able to share love or share my gifts with evolution.  By noticing these moments, I am able to ascertain the things that are important to me, to my essence, to my soul. By recognizing these moments of complete presence, of pure happiness, I am able to seize more opportunities to express myself authentically.

For example, during a recent family game night, I noticed I was completely present, enjoying every ounce of the moment, spending time with my boys, laughing, playing, sharing love and jest.  I know how good this moment felt, because I recognized it as a moment of complete congruence. Now, I know when another opportunity to spend quality time with my boys presents itself, I should grab it. Rather than be distracted by some tantalization of the senses, like watching TV, for example. While part of the human experience is learning to navigate the senses of the physical body, our soul, still has a mission, a purpose. So, understanding those moments of pure bliss, helps me to choose the path that frees my soul, rather than the path that leads me away from pure joy, or blissful timelessness. Watching TV has never brought me sheer joy and happiness. It may provide a distraction, it may entertain me certainly, but why would I now choose to watch TV over spending quality time with my sons, when I now recognize the joy I get from choosing the latter?

In recognizing what my soul desires, by understanding that when I feel lost in the moment, blissful timelessness, I am experiencing complete joy, complete congruence. My thoughts, actions and feelings are all perfectly aligned. Now, I can choose more of these moments over the inverse, the moments of distraction, the moments of human indulgences, like watching TV.

I am not saying not to indulge, I am just saying once you recognize what really makes you happy, when you realize pure joy, blissful timelessness and you subsequently choose those moments more than selfish indulgence, you will find more to enjoy, you will find more moments of beauty and more moments of opportunity.

Choose authenticity, those moments when your soul is completely happy more often and you find more opportunities of blissful timelessness, more moments of pure happiness and congruence. The secret lies in learning to recognize them and then choosing them more, regardless of what other things tempt our human minds and senses.




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