We are what we think — Zen Flash

via We are what we think — Zen Flash

Do you believe that you are what you think?

For just one day, listen to your thoughts, hear the things you allow yourself to think, what are you saying to yourself? Do you call yourself names? Do you blame others for your poor choices? For just one day, try capturing those thoughts and finding the positive in every situation. For just one day, try to see if you can think only positive things about yourself and then… maybe try thinking only positive things about others, realizing that we all have our own battles to face, realizing that person who just hurt your feelings is suffering with their own demons and maybe, just maybe, the thoughts that flow through your mind can transform your words into somthing positive, this positive thought process, followed by congruent words, could truly change that persons day and subsequently, your interaction with them. For just one day try this, change your thoughts which can help you change your words, for just one day. I promise, if you do this with true intent, if you truly put your heart into positive thoughts and words for just one day, you will wake up the next day, ready to try it again. When I started seeing love and light and positive in my own thoughts, my words changed, then my actions changed, and my interactions with others changed. Try it for yourself, it could very well be the thing that changes your life.


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