Don’t rain on my parade… I manifest my glitter!

Why do we find it so difficult to be happy for others?

Don't rain on my Parade

Why, when we have something spectacular happen in our lives, does someone always try to piss in our cheerios?

I recently accepted a job in Hawaii. I am super excited about it, I can’t wait! I feel a calling to live by the ocean and I am a few weeks away from realizing that dream. I will be paid well for this job in Hawaii, but, I actually took a significant pay cut to do it. For me, the abundance is living in paradise and I am willing to earn less money for the opportunity to live in Hawaii, and get paid to do it. The position in Hawaii is more secure than the one I currently have, but they pay is less. Actually, the salary is almost 1/4 less. But, I am happy to take the salary loss, for the opportunity to live in Hawaii, it is my choice, my preference to choose location over money.

“But it is so expensive there,” almost everyone has said at finding out about my relocation. (I don’t talk about my salary.) “The traffic is horrific!” “You will get island fever.” These are the standard three responses I get from many people.

From others…”You are so lucky!” “How do you get all the opportunities?” “Who do you know?”

When I started stringing together all the various reactions from the people I know, I noticed a pattern. Not everyone, my dear friends are genuinely excited for me. But, many others… they try to rain on my cheerios! I am sure most, if not all do not even realize they are doing it. 

In one all out response to all of those various comments and questions, I have formulated this:

I am not lucky, I worked hard and applied myself and seized opportunities when they presented. I get the same opportunities as you. For example, I looked on a job site and the Hawaii job was posted. I have a dream to live in Hawaii, I saw an opportunity and I seized it. I was prepared, I have worked hard. I made sacrifices in my own way. I am giving up salary and choosing to minimalize in order to be able to afford the higher cost. I choose to do these things because I have a dream and I have a calling. I chose to honor my calling, answer my intuition, and seize an opportunity. I chose to uproot my life again, to move. I took a leap of faith. When I submitted my resume, my credentials spoke for themselves. When I interviewed, I was prepared and my energy was palpable. The five-person panel with whom I had my interview, made a selection based on criteria that chose and of which I had no knowledge. I presented my skills and my talents and I radiated my dream and I got the job. I did the things I needed to do to make it happen, that is not luck!

I am manifesting my glitter. I have a dream and I work for it. When a door closes, I go through the window. I live authentically  by following my dreams, despite which obstacles I have created and subsequently overcome. My life is the sum total of all my experiences, all of my decisions, leaps of faith. I do not always live cautiously, but, when I follow my intuition, it always rewards me with opportunities and I can have faith that the opportunities will work out. Failures have always led to better things, but I never give up until I am satisfied. When will I be satisfied? I do not know, I just continue to follow my dreams as they come. When I choose to be positive and believe in myself and put in the effort, I achieve great things. They may not be great to you. They may not be what you  would choose. But, you are on your own journey. The moment I chose to start realizing my own power, the moment I recognize the journey as the destination, the moment I started sending out good vibrations or positive energy, that was the moment I started manifesting more dreams.

I had to learn to recognize that a closed door, just meant it is time to look for a window. I do not give up and blame fate, bad luck other people any more. I do not simmer in the negative any longer because I have faith in the future and I have begun to learn which things attract positive in my life. I have to look for the opportunities, but they are always there, I need only to pay attention.

If I get island fever, it means my soul has set its path on a new destination. I choose to recognize that I am a scuba diver and living on an island gives me that much more ocean to explore. I choose to recognize that I will be so much closer to Asia and some of the places I would like to visit and experience. I choose to sacrifice being home with my family of origin, on the east coast. This means I do not spend holidays with them. This means I cannot get mom to come watch the kids or run an errand for me. By relocating, I choose to re-establish my support systems, I have no friends there. This means I have to look for a new dentist I like and hair dresser and chiropractor and massage therapist. I have to get a new drivers license and ship my cars and get new tags. I am willing to make these insignificant sacrifices, the minor inconveniences to live in Hawaii. This was not luck, this was a series of decisions and sacrifices to get what  I want.

You have chosen to live in the same town your own life, if that makes you unhappy, you should go and change it. You chose to work for less money than you are worth, you can get a new job, you can move too, you can get an education, you can work all day and go to school all night, I did. I breast fed my babies in the back seat of a mini-van between classes. I know what it means to sacrifice. You made your choices too, I chose differently. That does not make me lucky, that means I was prepared, I did what I had to do, I made short-term sacrifices for long term gains. I have failed. I have failed my times. Each time I have failed, I have learned a lesson. I learned to be better, or work smarter, or let go. I learned that each failure, while painful, led to something even better for me in the long run, so, I choose not to consider them failures, just valleys in my roller coaster ride, part of my journey. I don’t know what is next, but when I see an opportunity that makes my heart sing, I will be sure to do what I have to do to go get it. I choose not to believe the lies. I can have anything I want. I choose what is worth the sacrifice and what is not. I learn my limits as I go. I am thrilled with my life. I hope you can be thrilled for me too. If you are unhappy with your choices, that makes me sad, for you, I hope you can find it within you to change. Actually, change is constant, we, like the universal consciousness are evolving and learning as we go. I have found that when I resist change, that is what causes pain. It’s a matter of seeing the roses or seeing the thorns, seeing the forest or seeing the trees. I sincerely, from the bottom of my soul, hope that you can find your way, and learn to follow the quiet voice of intuition and follow your dreams. I hope you learn who you are and what you want and stop listening to the lies of the human race. You are powerful and beautiful and perfectly imperfect. The power  has been with you all along, you need only to trust it. If you are feeling pain or anger, hate or envy, jealousy or fear, you are not being your authentic self. But you are special and unique and you are the only one that can look inside and see who you really are, without all the masks you have created for the people in your life. When you start to honor that person, that beautiful perfect soul, you will be able to make miracles happen. The moment you take back your power and understand that you decide your value, and you learn that your value is immeasurable, you will manifest your dreams. When you take back your power and stop believing the lies that you are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, you will learn your power. I sincerely hope you do, because these words will have found one beautiful soul, ready to manifest abundance and bliss and what ever else you desire.

But, do not rain on my parade with your negativity. I know you did not intend it, but your comment conveyed your jealousy, or your fear. Your inability to be happy for me shows that you are not being authentic with your true self because our pure souls are nothing but love for every other living being.

It’s okay, I am not offended or hurt anymore when you rain on my parade, my positive state of mind is water repellant. My belief and trust in my dream is rooted in a firm foundation now. Your rain, it only gives me energy to help you, because that is my calling. I welcome it now because I understand without rain, my roses cannot grow. Where there is no mud, there is no lotus. My light draws oxygen from the water of your rain, which fuels my fire and strengthens my glow. My light will continue to shine, because I deserve to shine. You do to! You should stop raining on your own parade. You are drowning your dreams. Each negative comment is a potential flood, hurtling your dreams farther from your conscious. I fear your drowned dreams will destroy you, do you not see that you are your own worst enemy?

No, dear soul, don’t rain on my parade, my light is only a mirror, the pollution in your rain will come back to find you and you may end up blaming me for your suffering. Please realize that you are the cause of your suffering, not I. Pay attention to my words, I have not said a negative thing, I have only deflected your pollution. That negative energy can no longer mix with my positive molecules, my light is too strong now, it repels negativity. The more I practice, the stronger it gets. My positive energy no longer mingles with pollution. It merely finds the silver lining in your clouds and silver lining reflects more positive energy. The light of my soul is like a lightening rod. My positive magnetism draws out the lightening in your dark cloud and sends a flash into the universe. Your soul thunders in response, yearning for the same freedom. Pay attention to my words, like love, they float to your soul, letting you know its okay to be free! You have the power. My strength is rooted within. Like a giant Redwood, I stand tall, through your many evolutions. I am here to share my strength if you come to me. But your negativity repels against the strength of my light. We cannot mingle in the same circles for very long, light and dark, they cannot co-exist. As evidenced by the grayness of your mood, there is light and dark and refusing to choose one is gray and dull, purgatory, bardo, a miserable existence. You are not completely in the dark, if you are not continually suffering. You have moments of clarity, when you honor your soul and follow your dreams. If you have read this far, something inside you resonates with this message. Quiet your mind, just float among the fluffy clouds awhile and listen to what your intuition is telling you. The storms you have been navigating, they are created by your thoughts, when you choose to believe that you are not worthy of your dreams. Notice the beauty in the fluffy clouds against the clear blue sky? Ah, there it is, your intuition speaks to you, when you have those moments of clarity. Do not let fear begin to rumble in the distance, it too is a lie. Listen for those thoughts of doubt, like darkness in the distance, doubt rumbles in our mind. You must quiet the mind and listen to the messages of your soul. Find the roses in your garden, not the thorns. Find the beauty in your clouds, not the rain. Find the pot of gold, the silver lining.

Do not rain on my parade, I manifest my glitter. You can too, you need only to quiet the mind and find the rainbow after the storm.

Don't rain on my Parade




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