Birth – a poem


Photo Source:Unknown

Propelled from the darkness and warmth of lies, my soul has found its wings

A high-pitched shriek of a sound from what once was only a soft echo, my soul finds its voice

Demanding attention it’s wings flutter inside my heart, the vibration of its song felt in my limbs, propelling me into action

I write without thought, my mind merely a vessel through which my soul transmits it’s message

Widely, astonished,  my eyes see for the first time, what has been here all along.

The more I quiet my mind from the lies of human existence,  the more my soul finds its song

Like the song of a siren, it calms me, comforts me, draws me into its mystique

Serenity washes over me, for the first time,  I feel as I’ve found my home

The light of its truth warms me, it takes control of my human vessel, but I  trust it, implicitly

My words, my thoughts, my actions become it’s song, beautiful, sheer joy, contentment,  congruence

All pain from my past floats away like a fluffy white cloud

All worry dissipates

My soul has founds it’s footing in this vessel, everything before was merely a dream

Everything comes together, there is nothing more than this, right here
The past, the present, the future, they converge in joyous perfection

My soul’s beautiful song


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