Lessons in Negative marketing

I just finished reading this excellent blog post by Mark Manson about advertising and our insecurities. It gave me a lot of food for thought.

Mark’s article points out the history of marketing and how playing to our insecurities, finding our weaknesses lead us to buy products. I actually think he is absolutely right in his observations. I think marketing geniuses are talented at appealing to mass markets by playing on our insecurities. When we are not authentic, we allow things like our insecurities and pop culture dictate our decisions. We are a culture full of excess, even our civil rights arguments are bordering on extreme. When we are following our authentic life, we do not have any insecurities, we accept ourselves completely, flaws and all. It occurs to me that the more excessive we get as a culture, the more miserable we are as well. Depression and mental disease seems to be so common. We are so worried about keeping up with the Joneses and living the lives someone else told us to live that we stop believing in ourselves. When we stop believing in ourselves, we are no longer living authentically, because we are pure love and peace and perfection in our imperfection. Insecurity is one of the tests of being human, just as fear is. Fear leads us to so many inauthentic actions. Fear that we are not good enough, not strong enough, not lovable, not smart enough creates drama. Fear that we aren’t as good as someone else makes leads us to inauthentic choices. When we have the golden trifecta, natural ability, and a dream paired with hard work and determination, we do not care what other people think. We choose what is right for us, we seize opportunities. We live joyfully. Mark is right about our insecurities leading us to make choices that are excessive.

How many times have your made an impulse decision or purchased some product that promised you a miracle without work? Maybe it was an exercise product, a weight-loss solution, make-up, a house, a car?  How many times have you let the advertisers play on your insecurities?

In a later post, I am going to talk about the energy of things we surround ourselves with. I think if we surround ourselves with products based on insecurity, the negative energy associated with those things will attract more negative energy.

When we surround ourselves with things we love, rather than things other people told us to love, those things create a different vibration, one of peace and tranquility, positive energy.

Pay attention to what grabs your attention. Notice the things you do on impulse. Are those things soul-nourishing, light, healthy, vibrating positive energy or are those things based on insecurities and lies? Do you allow marketing talent to sway you or are your firm in honoring your soul?

When you honor your authentic self, you are less easily swayed at the prospect of snake oil.  When you feel an impulse to do something or buy something, take notice, are you doing it because you love it and it honors your authentic self? Are you buying it because someone played on your weaknesses?

I have noticed that I am not as easily swayed by snake oil marketing anymore. I know that anything that promises a miracle without work is playing on my insecurity. I know that anything that makes me covet what others have is playing on my human emotions, tantalizing my insecurities. When I do make an error in judgment, I accept my mistakes and my failures as opportunities to learn and grow. 

I am not perfect, but I accept my imperfections, I look for my lessons, I take each and every day as a new opportunity to do it over again. I am content with my life for the first time and it feels good.

When you start honoring your soul, you will feel lighter, more free. When you start nourishing your gifts and listening to your intuition, rather than the constant barrage of negative messages, you too can feel more joy. Enjoy the journey.




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