Change is constant, growth is inevitable.  I see resistance to change and growth as the source of so much emotional suffering. We attach ourselves, our self worth, our strength, our courage, our happiness in the hands of other people and inpermanent objects. We mistakenly believe our value and beauty is dependent on something external, like beauty or fame or in material possessions or in the hands of love or power or the love of power. The only true source of happiness is internal and it is the only permanent thing we posess. We ignore the warning signs, exhaustion,  depression, anger, hate. The universe will grow and evolve despite our best human efforts to stop it. The universe grows and evolves not because of man, but despite him. Our planet evolves every day. Over thousands and thousands of years, the earth continues to change and evolve. We rarely pay attention as it happens but we sometimes pause to recognize the beauty of it, marvel at the way the earth destroys itself and evolves. Fire is devastating, not to the earth,  but to humans. Fire is like an eraser to the earth, a way of destroying itself and recreating itself. Like a phoenix, watch as the scorched earth regenerates life, creating beauty again. The fire was only change,  dramatic change to our human eyes and minds, but evolutionary change none the less. Think about some of the most spectacular natural wonders, dazzling waterfalls, amazing grand canyons, towering trees that have stood by and watched the earth change. All the most beautiful things in nature are the result of nature changing, evolving, ends and beginnings.

Imagine a beautiful redwood tree, could it be a tree is more evolved than a human? These old souls have seen more years on this planet than we could ever hope to survive.

Even a beautiful rainbow comes only at the end of a rain. Do we complain about the rain or do we accept it as part of the process. We have no control over mother nature, she keeps changing and evolving, creating and destroying and creating again.

Yet we try with all of our might to stop our lives from changing, forgetting that change is constant, nothing is permanent and evolution is inevitable.

Once we stop resisting,  we are able to see that nothing is permanent in this bodily form. The tighter we hold on to something,  the more difficult it becomes to hold. This is true of most of our human existence.  We struggle against  change and we suffer because we attach ourselves to the ideas that something we can hold in our hands or our minds will make us happy.

When we learn to see our connection with the universe and that even our existence on this planet is temporary,  we can start to loosen our attachments to impermanence and temporary objects that feel good only to our human senses.

Each and every winter, the earth destroys life with cold and ice, but,  in the spring,  new life sprouts from the same ground. When we realize that nothing is permanent in this life and we are able to appreciate the gifts without attachment and resistance to change, we can start to see how our human lives are constantly evolving as well.

When I reflect on the moments of deepest emotional pain in my life, I am now able to see these as the winters of my life, a time of destruction. But, in knowing this, I can also see that my life evolves and each metaphorical spring of my life, I am able to see that my life becomes even better than it was before. 

When the leaves fall to the ground in the fall, they are dying, yet when you pay attention, they are beautiful,  there death is colorful and not sad.  When they start to dry on the ground and die, we know that winter comes soon and the earth will freeze, killing much life or at least sending it dormant until spring.

When I picture my life like this, I know that death and ending leads only to better things, my life changes and evolves. It is only in the attachment to permanence that causes me pain. When I allow my life to evolve and change, I can have faith in the winter that spring is just around the corner and life will sprout in beautiful ways, I need only trust the process.


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