Finding success in failure

In my last post, I talked about dreaming big and then going out into the world and achieving your greatest, grandest vision for your life.  It does not matter how many times you fail, as long as you get back up and try again. Each failure is a step closer to realizing your dreams. Success is only a failure away. The truth is, you need only believe in yourself to achieve your grandest dreams.

One of my favorite quotes is by Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for your Soul franchise:

 “So the reality is that you just have to say, ‘I’m more committed to my vision than I’m committed to your doubt or my fear,’ and just go for it…” (From Conversations with Top Achievers by Woody Woodward)

This is true of everything! Even Michael Jordon, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, experienced failure first. His being cut from the Varsity Basketball team in his sophomore year didn’t stop him from trying. Imagine if he had given up. Michael famously  stated that he has missed more than 9,000 shots in his career, and lost almost 300 games.

Steve Jobs, , was famously fired from his own company only to return after several more failures before leading Apple to become one of the most profitable companies in US history.

Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, was rejected by 29 Medical schools before she matriculated Geneva Medical College, after being admitted by mistake.

Even Walt Disney was rejected many times as an artist. Additionally, his first animated film studio went bankrupt before he co-founded the Walt Disney Company, which now makes more than $40 Billion per year.

The list goes on and Steven Spielberg, Charles Schultz, the Beatles, Mary Kay Ash, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Arden. Honestly, every single famous person probably has a failure to tell you about. The truth is, if they are authentic, they will also tell you, the failure made them improve. The Lesson is the failure! That big failure may very well have been the very thing that opened their eyes to look inside and see what part they were playing in the failure. What I mean is, Michael Jordon, for example probably sucked at Basketball in tenth grade because he wasn’t working hard enough at it. He probably had the natural talent and the dream, but wasn’t applying his gift, wasn’t doing his part, in some way. The difference between Michael Jordan and the boy who never picks up a basketball again, in the same situation is the Key. Michael Jordon did not listen to his failure and give up. Michael Jordon applied his natural talent and dream and added the last piece of the trifecta… he applied himself, he worked for it, he focused on it, on winning, on being the best, and he was. The other boy, he focused on the failure, he listened to the negative in the message and he failed. This is the moment he loses his authentic self.

So, when you fail…when someone else tells you No, do you take the path of hate? Do you take the path of fear? Do you take the path of denying your soul it’s passion? Or do you take the path that follows that magical trifecta; natural, innate talent, dream and then applied the most important part, the work, being present, applying yourself. The moment we choose to believe the negative, we start to kill our dream. We start to kill our soul’s desire.

I believe there is a lesson in every single failure. The secret lies in choosing the road less taken over the easy choice, the one of least resistance, the one that requires no effort. The moment we believe the lie that we are not good enough, no matter where it comes from, is the moment we become inauthentic. Every sole is destined for greatness. The test of being human is both good and bad. It is light and dark. It is easy and hard. It is Yin and Yang. The moment we choose to believe the lie that we are not destined for greatness is the tipping point, it is the moment of impact, the point of no return. The source is irrelevant, the lesson is the same. The moment we choose to use our intellect over our intuition we have taken the path of Karma.

By the time we are adults, our minds have created so many lies. We are rattled with self-doubt. Karma, the lesson will keep coming back to us until we choose the right path. I believe that when we listen to our intuition, we honor our souls desires, we deny anything that tells us we are not destined for greatness.

Start looking at the failures in your life. When you are able to do a root cause analysis of the failure. The root cause is always a choice we made somewhere along the way. When you are honest enough with yourself to know what part you played in that failure. Did you apply your natural talent and not the work? Did you not take the path of love, peace, happiness, honoring, heaven, integrity over a lie, cheating, manipulating, stealing, hate, blame, darkness, hell. In every failure, when you are honest with yourself, there is a lesson. When you start to see that lesson, you begin to honor your soul.

A free soul natural talent, hard work and a dream… do you know why they say only the good die young? Because those souls have learned their lesson, they shared their innate purpose with this world and they moved on from this collection of matter known as a body into a higher realm of being.

Everyone of us is in this body to discover our unique gift and talent and the path of enlightenment. Some of us are here to teach, some of us are here to create, invent, perform, heal. Imagine a world where each of us shared our talent, our passion, our true authentic self. Listen to John Lennon sing Imagine. That song was his gift to this world. John Lennon was a teacher. We always think it is such a shame when someone so talented dies so young. We think it is tragic. To our human intellectual minds, it is tragic. Our souls though, understand that life and death are all just part of the journey. Each of us is here, on a journey, to share our special gift with this earth. It could be a discovery, it could be art, it could be to perform magic, miracles. To those souls who have realized their gift and selflessly shared it with the world, where they have chosen the path of heaven, over the path of hell, those souls, when they leave this earthly body are somewhere in the universe incredible, they are Buddha, Nirvana, God, Actualized, what ever is next for our soul to learn and create and pay forward. The rest of us continue to suffer and learn until our lesson is learned.

When we begin to honor our soul, our lives begin to change in dramatic ways. Take a path of success, free your soul, start learning the lesson in your failures. Free your soul.


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