Contemplation on the body and mind

The human body is miraculous! Each individual cell doing its part for the whole of the organism. Each individual cell seamingly insignignificant on its own, but as part of the whole, each cell has a purpose, a mission, a job in making the whole body.

Like the cells of the human body, each of us exist a seemingly insignificant life unless we find our way to contribute to the whole organism of society. Each of us, I believe has a purpose,  a contribution to the evolution of the cosmos.

Perhaps we are here to discover a new solar system, expanding awareness and consciousness,  elevating societal knowledge with our discovery. Perhaps we are meant to heal others, maybe our calling is art, or teaching or nurturing.  Maybe we are here to raise and nurture future scientific research by encouraging our sons and daughters to pursue their interests and gifts.

Whatever our part is, our gift, our divine mission, you know those peopke, those people who were born to perform or born to teach. They apply thier natural abilities and hard work to realize a dream. In realizing that dream, they contribute to the evolution of this earth organism,  the collective consciousness and thier gifts are transforming. They change history with their pursuits with their discoveries and inventions and humanity.  While they do work, they answer thier calling and pursue a purpose not for fame or pride or any ego thoughts, rather for the betterment of the collective earth. Thier soles are pure, untainted by negative beliefs, unmarked by greed and selfishness. Thier gifts show us the capability we all posess, in its most pure form.  Thier gifts transcend time and history, they are the great teachers, philosophers, artists, scientists and healers. They propel the collective consciousness towards further evolution.

They show us the strength and endurance of the human body. They show us the true capacity of thier intellect. They have mastered mind over matter.

When your soul is free, you are able to recognize your gifts. When you do not allow failure and negativity into the mind, you can accomplish anything your heart desires.

When you are further able to share your gifts without negativity without what religion labels sin, with a pure heart and desire to advance the collective human race, rather than for greed or ego-centric motives,  you can live in abundance. Abundance does not mean excess, but it does provide all that you need.

Why have a beautiful garden that no one can see?  Why not share your gifts with everyone,  sharing in the evolution of mankind?  Greed,arrogance, excess, these are all impure thoughts, an unnatural state. Our souls are pure peace and love. When we are able to deny the ego, for the greater good, we begin to prosper in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

Explore your passions. Develop your innate gifts. Just don’t forget that we all live and breathe the same cells. The oxygen I exhale could be the oxygen you inhale next. We are all the same cells, we share oxygen and other molecules; essentially we are all one and the same.

The more we realize this and we truly follow “the golden rule,” the sooner we can leave this current period of darkness.  The sooner we all recognize our innate gifts and share it with all, because we are all one and not here to live alone.

Just as each cell in the human body has a part in the whole, we too have a part in the collective of the earth,  we are not separate but part of the whole. Knowing this, we see the inpermanence of human life and everything in it. When we begin to honor the whole, we can than begin to evolve.


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